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The consequences for the parties
in connection with failure to
appear in a civil case деле
Myths regarding the design
of outdoor advertising
in the city of Kiev
Layout of premises as
an important part of project
Fraud in construction
The opening of the criminal
process and appeal against the
refusal to open a criminal case
What documents need to
be collected for design
Description of the main
changes to the statutory
documents and the order of
their registration
Map of outdoor advertising
in the city of Kyiv
Glossary of APP-InvestAbout the concept of
outdoor advertising in Kiev
Advice about organization
of effective work with
an external consultant
About variants and the
procedure of liquidation of a
limited liability company (LLC)
Describe the factors affecting
the safety of the enterprise
The use of information
technology in modern business
An article about the procedure
for creating SPD (PPB) and the
benefits of its registration
What happens at the wrong
organization of project management
in the pictures
Description procedures changing
codes CKEA for legal entities
and entrepreneurs
The role of the engineer in
the project and the development
trend of engineering
How to create a recognizable
organization in the short term?
Advantages of the "outsourcing" strategy
Description of the most popular
legal forms of subjects of economic
and enterprise activity in Ukraine
About the development of
a business plan for an
investment project
Description of the procedure and
some of the issues connected with
registration change of the legal
address of the organization
(legal entity)
A loan for an investment project,
is it necessary?
Description procedures changes
statements about the head
of the organization
Questionnaire for developing
a business plan
Briefly about the problems related
to registration of business for persons
planning to start their own business
Description of the composition
and content of the business plan
The initialization of the project
by the investor and the problems
of choosing a land plot
A method for project
risk assessment with the help
of a business plan
Development of project
management in Ukraine
Do we need an investment
company and whether it is
necessary work with
the investor

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