Glossary of terms and abbreviations

The site APP-Invest added glossary terms and abbreviations used on the site and in the documentation used by the company. The glossary will help site visitors familiarize themselves with some highly specialized terms used in company articles, description of services and other materials.

Glossary APP-Invest – s a collection of highly specialized terms in the interpretation of APP-Invest specialists. Collected and described terms do not claim to designate them as absolutely correct.

The glossary of the company was created with the purpose of definition of the general conceptual device, for constructing a constructive dialogue with visitors of the site or clients of the company.

Glossary, allows you to avoid a different interpretation of the same term. The visitor or client of the company, having become familiar with the contents of the glossary (its terms and abbreviations), can understand what the term means the company and constructively construct a dialogue. The glossary can be found at link /en/glossary.

For consultations on issues related to the company’s terms or services, you can contact APP-Invest’s contact data specialists.

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