Glossary of terms and abbreviations APP-Invest

terms and abbreviations in the glossary of the consulting company

Glossary APP-Invest is a collection of highly specialized terms in the interpretation of APP-Invest specialists. The glossary helps APP-Invset customers familiarize themselves with some of the highly specialized terms used in company articles, service descriptions, and other materials.

In a general sense, a glossary is a collection (dictionary) of terms. Basically, the glossary is used to describe highly specialized terms related to a specific type of activity or topic. Translated from Latin, the glossary means “collection of glosses”.

A glossary as a tool is often used in the business activities of various companies. The use of the glossary allows you to create a common understanding of the terms used among the staff of the company and with the company’s customers. A common understanding and perception of terms, significantly improves the function of communication.

Glossary avoids different interpretations of the same term. The client, having familiarized himself with the contents of the glossary (its terms and abbreviations), can understand what the specialists of the company mean by this or that term and constructively build a dialogue.

The number of terms is not limited. Their description may differ from the official one or may have specific features inherent in a particular enterprise or type of activity.

APP-Invest uses glossaries that are different in content, which vary depending on the specifics of a particular type of activity. Specification of terminology is used in the preparation of business plans, legal documentation, proposals, etc.

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