Business planning, services for the development of a standard business plan for an investment project

preparation of investment justification in the format of a standard business plan

The need for a business plan arises at different stages of the implementation of an investment project. The description of the investment project developed as part of the business plan is multifunctional and may be useful for different participants – parties to the investment project for many reasons, at different stages of the project.

The classic functions that a business plan performs include: risk assessment; financial assessment; assessment of expected indicators from the project and others. Many people forget that in addition to the above functions, a business plan may contain sections related to the engineering of an investment project, organizational and resuscitation plans, plans to minimize risks and damage from negative events that may occur during the course of the project, plans for organizing security, implementation options project, including reorientation of the investment project in the event of a change in market conditions and other sections.

That is, a business plan should not be considered solely as a tool for negotiating with an investor and convincing him of the advisability and necessity of investing financial resources in a project. A business plan may contain information and instructions necessary for the survival of the project in the process of its implementation, models and ready-made plans to increase effective project performance, and project development options.

The experience of APP-Invest specialists allows us to develop a business plan containing general sections justifying the need and feasibility of investment in the project, as well as options for the development of the investment project.

A description of the services for developing a business plan in standard form can be found at: services for developing a standard business plan.

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