Business planning, investment feasibility study services for an idea, project, program

development of investment justification for the project and program

An investment rationale is being developed to assess the prospects for the implementation of an investment project. In the variant proposed by APP-Invest, the investment justification is a carefully developed document within the framework of which most aspects related to the implementation of the investment project are evaluated.

Functionally, such a document is prepared directly for making the final decision regarding the advisability of investing in the project and mainly in the late stages of negotiations with the investor, creditor. The investment rationale can also be used for a comprehensive examination of an existing investment project or program.

Services of APP-Invest in developing a business plan in the form of an investment justification, in the description by reference: development of an investment justification for an investment idea, project, program.

The investment rationale includes most of the possible existing sections studied in business modeling. Including APP-Invest specialists, an engineering part is envisaged which includes a description of measures to increase the efficiency of an investment project, ways of its development, as well as possible alternative implementation options.

The rather important advantages of the investment rationale are a detailed study of the risks and the organizational plan of the project, including methods, organizational methods and measures to avoid them or minimize the negative consequences if they occur.

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