Business planning, services for the development of a financial model of an investment idea, project, program

preparation of the financial model of the project as an investment rationale

When developing a business plan, its scope, content and structure are modeled for the goals and objectives for which it is being developed. Adapting a business plan, will increase its effectiveness as a tool.

As a specific adaptation of the business plan to the initial stage of the pre-investment phase, APP-Invest specialists suggest using the form of the so-called financial model of the project, which is a short business plan with a basic bias on the description of the economic part of the investment project.

The financial model of an investment project is an effective investment planning tool, as well as a convenient document for negotiating with an investor. The investment rationale in the form of a financial model allows the Customer, investor, lender, in short form, to obtain most of the necessary information about the investment project and the appropriateness of its implementation as a whole.

APP-Invest, as part of the investment area, offers services for the development of business plans for investment projects of various sizes and complexity.

Description of the services for developing a financial model for an investment idea, project, program, read the link: development of a financial model for an investment project.

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