A brief description of the main provisions related to citizenship in Ukraine

Citizenship, legal services for foreigners in Ukraine

Within the framework of legal support, APP-Invest specialists carry out activities to accompany individuals of foreigners (not residents) in matters related to obtaining citizenship, a temporary residence permit, etc. identifying documents.

Issues related to obtaining non-resident citizenship are usually associated with various kinds of procedural problems and shortcomings in the local National Legislation, which turns them into a long epic, or you can even say “a matter of life” for a person who wants to become a citizen. Many laws are spelled out in such a way as to complicate the possibility of acquiring citizenship… In other matters, this is a matter of politics.

To understand the general process of obtaining citizenship and the possibility of obtaining it, APP-Invest invites you to familiarize yourself with the prepared information materials on our website: main issues related to obtaining citizenship in Ukraine.

Taking into account the complexity of the procedures for obtaining citizenship, this article describes several fundamental principles related to citizenship in Ukraine, and therefore the information may be useful to those who are involved in the preparation of such documents or who wish to seek help with registration.

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