Services for legal entities

Legal assistance for legal entities

APP-Invest provide legal assistance to legal entities and entrepreneurs performing activities in the territory of Ukraine.

Legal assistance offered by APP-Invest specialists involves the provision of qualified legal services for businesses, in the form of:

  • consultation in oral and written form,
  • fulfillment of specific legal instructions,
  • representation in negotiations and in the performance of procedural actions.

APP-Invest’s clients are legal entities engaged in financial – economic activity for the purpose of:

  • receipt profit (business companies, cooperation and associations of legal entities),
  • realization of public interests (charity party – political work, etc.), – or non – profitable purposes.

For entrepreneurs and legal entities, legal support formats are also offered for the comprehensive servicing of business processes arising in the course of entrepreneurial and financial economic activities.

Services include

Provision of legal assistance to legal persons entrepreneurs performing activities in the territory of Ukraine is to provide one or sequentially performed a range of services for solving problems faced by the client (determined by the authorized representative of a legal person: director or a confidant of).

Services may include:

  • reparation of various kinds of documents (statutory, internal regulation for the enterprise activity, contracts for services, works, purchase – sale or other applications, complaints, claims, complaints and petitions for court regulation of disputes and etc of company services);
  • analytical services (activities assessment legal and other documents);
  • representation in courts, to – court disputes, in relations with public authorities;
  • consulting support (regarding specific legal issues or systemic legal issues arising in the course of business activities);
  • etc..

APP-Invest offers a range of legal services that are aimed at providing the business with timely legal assistance to solve current and strategic problems of business activity.

At the same time, the services offered to legal entities working in the areas related to the implementation of investment projects can be supplemented by a diverse set of tools offered by APP-Invest consulting specialists. The services offered significantly expand the capabilities of the law firm and make it possible to increase the effectiveness of cooperation in general.

Offered legal services

Juridical services which are rendered by APP-Invest oriented on complex solution of legal problems (questions) facing the client prior to the registration of a legal entity, in the process of financial – economic activity, during and after the process of liquidation of the legal entity.

As examples of legal services, we can highlight questions relating to:

  • the first registration legal persons;
  • registration of changes in the statements with respect to legal persons;
  • obtaining permits and the right – establishing documents (to perform work, licenses, certificates, etc.);
  • accompanied by a financial – economic activity (contracts, transactions, etc.)
  • representation of legal persons in state bodies and courts;
  • drafting of legal schemes for the organization of the financial – economic questions (transactions, contracts, performance of works and services, etc.);
  • Information consultations on questions arising in the process of financial – economic activity of legal entities;
  • liquidation of legal entities.

As an option of legal services, we offer comprehensive services for business, which allow optimizing the costs for a client of a company for systematically necessary legal assistance in the course of conducting business and economic activities in legal service formats:

  • consulting support;
  • legal support;
  • comprehensive legal support.

Legal services will reduce the cost of particularly frequent requests related to legal advice, representing the interests of the client in negotiations and when interacting with third parties, as well as, if necessary, a legal assessment or preparation of documents (acts, contracts and others). The second important advantage of legal services is the reduction in the cost of additional services for regular customers.

In addition about services to legal entities

Services to legal entities are provided in relation to individuals who are participants, shareholders, managers, members or representatives of the management of business companies, corporations, consortia, public organizations, foundations.

Also, within the framework of the services offered, the provision of legal assistance for clients who are not residents of Ukraine is considered.

In some cases, in the framework of the provision of legal services, a lawyer is involved for the maintenance (procedural support) and proper representation of the client’s interests.

Legal services offered by APP-Invest, together with the experience of specialists in the field of consulting services (in the field of investment consulting) allow us to provide the company’s client with the most relevant and operational information necessary for doing business.

Providing services APP-Invest carried out within the care-services, either within a specific task – order from the client. APP-Invest Services can be found in the price – list. For information about the possibility of the provision of services, you can always contact the experts at the contact information listed on the site.

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