APP-Invest provide legal assistance to legal entities and entrepreneurs performing activities in the territory of Ukraine.

APP-Invest’s clients are legal entities engaged in financial – economic activity for the purpose of:

  • receipt profit,
  • realization of public interests (charity party – political work, etc.), – or non – profitable purposes.

Provision of legal assistance to legal persons entrepreneurs performing activities in the territory of Ukraine is to provide one or sequentially performed a range of services for solving problems faced by the client (determined by the authorized representative of a legal person: director or a confidant of). Services may include:

  • preparation of various kinds of documents (statutory, internal regulation for the enterprise activity, contracts for services, works, purchase – sale or other applications, complaints, claims, complaints and petitions for court regulation of disputes and etc of company services);
  • analytical services (activities assessment legal and other documents);
  • representation in courts, to – court disputes, in relations with public authorities;
  • etc..

Juridical services which are rendered by APP-Invest oriented on complex solution of legal problems (questions) facing the client prior to the registration of a legal entity, in the process of financial – economic activity, during and after the process of liquidation of the legal entity. As examples of legal services, we can highlight questions relating to:

  • the first registration legal persons;
  • registration of changes in the statements with respect to legal persons;
  • obtaining permits and the right – establishing documents (to perform work, licenses, certificates, etc.);
  • accompanied by a financial – economic activity (contracts, transactions, etc.)
  • representation of legal persons in state bodies and courts;
  • drafting of legal schemes for the organization of the financial – economic questions (transactions, contracts, performance of works and services, etc.);
  • Information consultations on questions arising in the process of financial – economic activity of legal entities;
  • liquidation of legal entities.

Providing services APP-Invest carried out within the care-services, either within a specific task – order from the client. APP-Invest Services can be found in the price – list. For information about the possibility of the provision of services, you can always contact the experts at the contact information listed on the site.

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