Legal services for individuals

Services for individuals

One of the directions APP-Invest activity is the provision of legal help to individuals in Ukraine. Citizens of Ukraine as well as foreigners temporarily staying in Ukraine act as clients of the company.

The subject of rights, physical person is a human, as a bearer of rights and duties. Provision of legal assistance to individuals, arises mainly in connection with:

  • the participation of the a physical person of civil – economic relations (for example in labor relations on the basis of contracts, relationships with administrative enforcement authorities, upon receipt of goods and services by legal entities or individuals entrepreneurs, real estate transactions or non-property rights, issues of the protection of intellectual property and etc);
  • the emergence of situations related civil legal relationships between physical individuals (divorce proceedings, the transfer / delegation of rights and obligations of the transaction, property issues, etc.);
  • the participation of a physical person, as a party during the consideration of administrative or criminal offenses.

In many cases, consideration of the relations of individuals in court, is not inferior to the complexity of the economic and administrative affairs. Among the areas of legal services provided to individuals can be identified, the issues that relate to the following relationships:

  • in criminal cases;
  • administrative;
  • land and related of real estate;
  • consumer rights protection and intellectual property;
  • housing;
  • labor;
  • family.

Services for foreigners

APP-Invest provides legal assistance to foreigners (non – residents) in the territory of Ukraine. Non – residents in Ukraine are legal entities, or individuals who operate on the territory of Ukraine, but it continuously registered and living in another (foreign) state.

Practice shows that the legal or natural person – non – resident is facing a more bureaucratic approach to the evaluation of its activities in the territory of another state and objectively enter into a relationship with a large number of government agencies and establishments than the physical or juridical person resident. Legal assistance to non – residents, a process that requires specific legal knowledge and specialists with practical experience.

In general, non – residents operating in the legal field of Ukraine, performs the same procedure as other entities (residents).

APP-Invest provides specialized legal assistance to individuals staying in Ukraine on private issues, as well as in solving legal problems related to entrepreneurial or business activities.

Services for foreign entrepreneurs (for business)

For legal entities, non – residents, APP-Invest provides services for:

  • the opening of the legal entity (or the registration of legal entities in USREOU), amending the data on legal entities, support of procedure of bankruptcy or liquidation, etc.;
  • preparation, coordination of various permissive documentation (for special applications and licenses for activities, certificates, etc.);
  • accompanied by a financial – economic activity (contracts, transactions, etc.);
  • representation in pre – court proceedings, disputes, court business processes, etc.;
  • and others.

Services for foreigners on private issues

For individual non-resident persons, APP-Invest provides services to the general orientation related to:

  • representation in criminal cases,
  • litigation holds (disputes) the overall direction,
  • disputes relating to the real estate and housing questions,
  • other property disputes,
  • labor relations relating to wage arrears, recovery after illegal dismissal, etc.
  • family disputes,
  • non – proprietary and other disputes and relations.

APP-Invest experts offering legal services to non – residents. For information about the possibility of the provision of services, you can always ask for the contact information in the sidebar of the site, or contact information listed on the site.

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