Working law

The relationship between employer and employee are regulated by the Labour Code. The Code regulates the relations and the rights of citizens arising from the interaction between employer and employee, the issues connected with social welfare as well as the features of wage labor in the performance of exclusively-public (state and municipal) official functions.

The subject of labor relations is the question of:

  • individually – employment relationship between employer and employee, including those relating to employment at the employer;;
  • organization of labor and management work within the organization (or other employer) who shall perform such functions (including training and additional professional education of workers, conclusion of collective agreements and treaties, participation of workers and trade unions in the establishment of working conditions, compulsory social insurance and etc.);
  • attract to liability of employers and workers for violation of legislation concerning labor rights, employment contracts, contracts etc..

The subject of regulation of labor rights are also issues relating to debt and damages (including moral) caused by the employer as a consequence of the presence of debt front an employee of wages as well as paid vacations, social benefits, etc..

The offenses in the sphere of labor, may be as follows:

  • related to labor relations: non-payment of wages to the employee or not paid out in the full amount, or dismissal of the head (director) of the employee, loss or unjustified non-extradition work record card to the employee, etc.);
  • related to the organization of work: organization, management, supervision, protection and control; do not perform the terms and conditions of the collective agreement of the enterprise; liability for damage caused to a party in the course of work; and others.

Outside simplicity of labor law, conceals in significant difficulties for the participants of labor relations, as the head of (the employer) and for employees (labor collective).

System of labor relations in Ukraine, is constructed in such a way that the state to a greater extent protect the interests of the employee than the employer. The result of labor disputes can be a significant financial and other sanctions and compensation in favor of the parties.

The control system assumes performance of procedures and proper documentation (orders, work books, etc.). Without proper registration of the relationship, defend the interests of the parties, is almost impossible.

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