Family law

Family law

Family law is a system of legal norms (represented in Ukraine in the form of the” Family Code of Ukraine “and accompanying Laws regulating property and not property issues) that regulate all relations related to marriage, kinship, adoption, etc…

In general, everyone is faced with issues regulated by the Family Code, in ordinary situations, for example: registering a marriage or in disputes related to the dissolution of marriage, the establishment of paternity or parental rights.

Family law subject

Subject regulation of family law, includes various legal relationships related to the order and conditions of imprisonment, recognition, termination of marriage and personal relationships between spouses; some property related to the disposal of property, its distribution or distribution order; non-property relations of family members establishing kinship, including issues related to adoption, guardianship and trusteeship, etc…

Family law disputes

In different countries there are certain features of family legislation, which include the national idea of ​​the “family” and the moral principles of its construction. Many issues of family legislation are subject to heated discussions and even confrontations, such as: the possibility of same-sex marriages and the possibility of adopting same-sex couples; polygamy or how sometimes there is polyandry; the distribution of rights between the father and mother regarding the upbringing of children; the possibility of a so-called “civil marriage”, a simplified form of marriage; family contracts; the possibility of abortion or surrogate motherhood; and so on. At what such themes, cause rather animated and emotional discussions, since they touch upon the basic moral principles of everyone, and in fact concern everyone.

Family law development

Traditionally and historically, different states have already established different principles for the construction of marriage and relations in it, presupposing the preferential or equal rights of spouses in those or other questions. Matrimonial relations are significantly influenced by the religions of states.

Religion, in fact, is the prophet of family law, because at a time when there were no laws, it was she who regulated these relations. After all, marriages were before the appearance of the law in the form in which we know it.

Modern society has translated religious issues concerning the family into its acceptable system in the form of” law. “Having become part of the system of law, respectively, these issues have taken over elements of legal systems, in the form of procedures and rules, like any other legal system.Now marriage can be broken off legally, relations in marriage, translated into a written form binding to all parties, etc…

Despite their simplicity, family disputes that go to the legal plane can be very serious “legal battles”, especially when it comes to property. At recently happy spouses, there can be serious hatred and mistrust often turning into crime.

In such family dramas, there is always a need for qualified legal assistance that will help you understand the essence of what is happening.

APP-Invest law practice

Lawyers of APP-Invest although they specialize in economic issues – are always ready to help clients solve any legal problems, including those arising from family issues.

If you have any questions about legal issues related to divorce, division of property or adoption, you can always contact us on the contact details indicated on the site, and our specialists will help you to understand the legal problems that have arisen.

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