Anti-corruption activity

APP-Invest actively participates in the work of non-governmental organizations that counteract manifestations of corruption in the Ukrainian society (government agencies and private organizations).

Corruption creates a negative image of Ukrainian companies and negatively affect the investment climate in the state. Corruption – a term implying the use of a particular official in the organization or government institution, delegated powers and rights in order to obtain personal benefit.

To obtain the benefits officer may use:

  • official status and authority of the organization,
  • opportunities arising from the nature of the official activities related to his official duties,
  • communication in the internal structure of the organization and the external environment.

The composition of the “corruption” in the actions of officials is determined by:

  1. availability of committed action to produce a personal benefit,
  2. the use of official position for certain actions.

In a global sense, corruption inflicts substantial damage and prevents the economic development of the structure of society and the state. However, society negatively perceives corruption actions by officials, because often these actions are directly contrary to their economic and other legitimate rights and interests.

A significant problem amounts corruption in public authorities, since it raises issues and processes related to the implementation of fundamental constitutional and civil rights and freedoms, and uses them in order to obtain illegal benefits. Implementation of corruption by public bodies or persons going by committing acts or omissions, such as:

  • unjustified refusal to issue a document or permit,
  • the absence of action that the administrative person must perform according to regulatory documents determining its activities,
  • perform actions which are aimed at avoiding performing an action (eg translating case documents or in another area, a completely different actions with an obvious mistake, etc.)
  • execution of actions ignore the legal procedure, including the issuance of obviously illegal decisions, acts, etc ..

At the same time government department or administrative entity carrying out acts of corruption, received the illegal income by such abuse commanding position.

Illegal income generated at the expense extortion, or In case the an individual self-initiates (proposes) reward for illegal actions (bribe, share, etc.).

APP-Invest offers to help in the fight against the phenomenon of corruption, on a voluntary basis (in the form of consultations). Contact us you can contact the specialists at the contact information listed on the site, or the form in the sidebar of the site.

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