Criminal law

Criminal law — branch of law that regulates social relationships. Legal regulation applies both a physical and both a legal persons. Public rights and procedure of application enforcement action and the legal encouragement applied to the participants of public legal relationship regulated by the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, by other normative acts, laws and regulations, depending on the legal relationship what be considered.

Criminal relationship consider questions of associated with the commission of criminal acts, pronouncement of punishment and the application of legal action in relation to legal and natural persons committed, or injured in consequence of criminal acts. In considering events (criminal offense): set the base to attract to criminal liability of its perpetrators, or release the latter from criminal liability and punishment in certain cases established by law.

The nature of of relations that is studying criminal law, determines their characteristic, namely: the presence of a substantial conflict of interest between the parties (prosecution and defense) in proceedings in the courts, as a result of the consideration can, or is a significant limitation of property and non-property rights and freedoms.

Criminal proceedings have established procedure for consideration:

  • to – court procedure aimed at the operational pre-court preparation of the case file (accusations)
  • procedure for consideration in the Court (1st instance, appeal).

Legal services for the side of criminal relations may be the following:

  • procedural representative in support of criminal proceedings at the pre-judicial step (carried out exclusively Advocate);
  • consultation;
  • preparation of legal documents: complaints investigator judge, prosecutor, applications, petitions, etc.;
  • representation in court (made exclusively Advocate);
  • representation in the appellate courts (made exclusively Advocate).

Relationships are defined by the Law procedure for consideration of events (criminal acts) and the procedure of proving the facts of involvement of persons (crime in their actions), to be held criminally or other legal liability in a volume determined by the Law. The law implies the presence of 2 Codes: Criminal and the Criminal Procedure.

The Criminal Code defines the forms and types of acts for the commission of which shall bear the legal and criminal liability. Proof according to the procedure of conducting criminal proceedings determined by the Law (Procedure Code), the information about which shall be entered in the state register of the pre-court investigations. During carrying out pre-judicial investigations procedural way established the circumstances of the crime and the evidence that in the future, or transferred to prosecute the perpetrators to the Court, or in cases of criminal proceedings established by law is closed.

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