Corporate right

Corporate Law – subsector of civil law, including a collection of legal norms regulating the relations connected with the formation and activities of legal entities,corporate form property. Also under corporate law understand the system of rules within the legal person who are required to perform both the owners and the administration of the legal person.

The corporate legal relations present an element of inequality and organizational-administrative aspect, which is expressed in a large number imperative requirements, which is a feature of corporate relations.

In general the subject of corporate disputes are the questions:

  • related to the management company (the supreme organ) and proceedings concerning the non-property rights to the statutory portion (or stock) of owners in the legal entity of the corporate form of ownership;
  • related to the management company (executive body), or concerning the management activities (or director);
  • related to property issues, including a verification of ownership of part of the shares, etc. of the property allocated at the exit of participants and other property;
  • on the implementation the contractual obligations, off-contract including specific charter taken participants shareholders;
  • on the interpretation of the statutory and legal obligations of regulated members, shareholders, executive etc..

A feature of such disputes is that they affect the rules of civil and commercial codes, as well as the internal rules regulate the legal entity of the corporate form of ownership, which may conflict with each other. Often, corporate disputes are subject to review under the criminal proceedings, as the owners use unfair methods in resolving disputes (fake of documents and other fraudulent activities).

Often, under corporate dispute meant raiding. Other words participants identify illegal actions as a form of normal operation of the enterprise. Thus, due to this simulation, the person committing illegal acts create their own possibilities to avoid legal or criminal liability.

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