Commercial right

Commercial right — area of the law, that regulates public relations arising in the process of implementation business (financial – economic) activities of legal entities and individuals.

Since the juridical persons created for the exclusive purpose of providing public services and other legal entities to make a profit, or charitable purposes, that a legal entity is faced with a huge number of legal issues arising from the nature of practiced relations.

Area of application commercial law apply to the relations associated with: the manufacture and sale of various products, performance of works and provision of services licensing and registration of right – establishing documents, corporate relationships, the relationship between the parties arising from the financial – economic operations and other legal relations.

The most common commercial disputes arising in connection with:

  • implementation, violations apply sanctions the requirements of implementation of commitments and sanctions in contractual relations (purchase and sale contracts, delivery, credit, etc.);
  • outside – contractual relationships;
  • corporate relations participants and other parties of relations in economic societies of the corporate form of ownership;
  • proof of ownership and other property rights;
  • proof of non-property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.;
  • and others.

A special feature commercial law is its relative difficulty that a principal difference between this work from other branches of law. Including the norms commercial law is often closely linked with the legal provisions of other Codes and Laws of Ukraine, which significantly affects the difficulty because some rules often create legal collisions.

In modern conditions, a significant advantage for the party of economic relations, is the presence of qualified legal support. Representing the interests of party by specialists in the pre-court commercial disputes (or by way of judicial proceedings), significantly increases the chances of getting a positive result for the client.

The nature of economic relations implies that the economic dispute is essential the correct preparation of documents on the basis of which there is a dispute or proceedings.

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