The concept of outdoor advertising in Kiev, is an element of regulation of market relations, “outdoor advertising” in Kiev, whose purpose is to structure and synthesis approach to the requirements for outdoor advertising and its execution.

The concept dates back to 2012, according to the decision KCSA №:20/7357 on 26.01.12g. “On approval of the concept of outdoor advertising in the city of Kiev.”. The same decision was approved:

  • zoning placement of outdoor advertising in the city;
  • classifier standard advertising media (advertisements).

The Decision clearly indicates that the distributors of outdoor advertising must bring their advertising media in accordance with the requirements of the zoning placement of outdoor advertising in the city, by amending the authorization for placement of outdoor advertising and the implementation of appropriate replacement of advertising means, in fact – lead means of outdoor advertising in line with the requirements of the Concept. The following deadlines: for the zero and the first zone format – up to 15.04.12g, for the second zone format – up to 15.09.12g..

In addition, 3 of Decision found that the failure to comply with the distributors of outdoor advertising the above requirements within a specified time, is the basis for the dismantling of advertising media (in the manner prescribed by the rules of advertising in Kiev approved by the decision of the KS 22.09.11g. Number 37/6253).

At the same time, in accordance with zoning placement of outdoor advertising, deals with the concept (we have 5 zones – from zero to fourth cut sheet zone), zero sizing zone must be completely free from outdoor advertising, it is prohibited from posting any advertising media. This city center. Permission to place the following advertising media::

  • in the first format zone allowed advertising media format to 2.16 square meters. m – it’s part of Podil Str. Artem Lviv to the area of the streets Vladimir and Gorky Moscow boulevard Shevchenko to the square. Victory Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka to the square. Lesya Ukrainka;
  • in the second format zone allowed the area of outdoor advertising can be up to 8.0 square meters. m.;
  • in the third – to 36.0 square meters. m.;
  • in the fourth – there are no restrictions on the area.

Text and graphic information on the concept in general and zoning, in particular, can be viewed here: /en/../karta-razvitia-reklamu.

In the process of “exploitation” of the concept of outdoor advertising in Kiev, you can select certain advantages approach to advertising media in accordance with the decision of KCSA and cons.

Thus, for example, really reduced the amount of outdoor advertising in 1-3 zones, which can be called a substantial reduction. But to make an unambiguous conclusion is difficult, because this reduction can be attributed to a decrease in demand for outdoor advertising as a whole, due to the economic situation in the country.

Illegal advertising (non-formatted to host the zone according to the Law), as she was, and remained, indicating that “individual” approach, officials KCSA to advertising media.

The concept, as expected, was the certain form of the struggle for the market between large and small operators, and naturally, for the benefit of the large operators.

On the order of registration of outdoor advertising, the concept also does not have a significant impact, as unreasonable refusals (decisions regarding the registration of property rights and the state registration of the advertisement) remained, including even relatively advertisements which allegedly significantly eased the requirements of the Act (information signboards).

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