Civil right

Civil right — brings together legal regulations:

  • determining the rights and responsibilities of individuals, as a subjects of law, bearers rights and responsibilities,
  • regulate relationships of citizens arise in the process of life of individuals, business, and financial and economic activities, including the issues of activities created by them legal entities.

Legal norms of civil law which provides the legal equality between the parties the participants of legal relations.

Subject area of study and practice to “civil rights” as the legal sector, are social relationships which can be divided into two types:

  • property relationship concerning the material wealth and economic relations having the form of the goods;
  • non-property relations that are in its essence connected with either property, or are exclusive unalienable intangible benefits (rights) of the subject.

Thus under the civil law should be understood the system of legal science created in order to ensure the subjects of legal relationships equal rights (legal instruments in the form of legislative and other normative acts regulating the legal system with specific tricks) guaranteeing protection of their rights and freedoms.

Disputes relating to civil, essentially combine all the issues concerning the activities of individuals, such as:

  • disputes arising on the basis of the property: the recognition and collection of debts from legal entities and individuals, compensation for material and moral damages, disputes related to the division of the inheritance, etc.;
  • household disputes: family concerning divorce procedures and the division of property upon divorce, disputes about the establishment of the place of residence of children, etc.; housing and land associated with the registration of the place of residence of individuals, the procedure of forced removal from the place of registration, division of property, division of land, the establishment of property rights, the conclusion of contracts of sale, rental, etc.;
  • disputes with insurance companies and of road accident related to the recovery of the insurance compensation, the establishment of the person guilty of an accident, driving license revocation, etc.;
  • labor disputes arising in connection with the dismissal of an employee, the recovery of arrears of wages, etc.;
  • disputes relating to the protection the rights of consumers, copyright protection, poor provision of services or performance of works;
  • disputes arising in connection with the activities of non-resident in the territory of the state and other related migration.

The regulation of public relations involves the installation of rules of conduct for subjects of public relationship. Taken together, the adjustment method must meet the following criteria:

  1. To ensure equality of participants were subjects in civil legal relations;
  2. Ensure estate independence of subjects which is acts as participants of civil legal relationships;
  3. Take into account the autonomy of the will of subjects to act as participants of civil legal relations;
  4. Provide possibility of protecting and restore the damaged property or non-property rights to the original state. Including responsibility and the possibility of compensation for the restoration of the rights of subjects performing public relations participants.

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