Anti-raider activities

By raiding mean actions of a person or group of persons, aimed at an unfriendly takeover of the enterprise against the will of its existing owners who manage the enterprise / organization or have a dominant position in the enterprise.

If you are a timely manner not prepared to raider attacks, when an event comes, the possibility to restore the legitimate rights is almost zero.

Two kinds of raiding can be distinguished:

  1. By law – which is carried out on the basis of the rules regulating the corporate relationship between the parties, which in general is quite normal for the corporate form of management organizations, but still considered a negative phenomenon.
  2. Illegal, – which is carried out with the help of committing a series of actions covered by the rules of the Criminal Code (forgery, threats, blackmail, etc.).

If to speak about the illegal “raiding”, then select the specific forms and methods of actions of persons engaged raider capture of the enterprise, for the systematization and classification in the Criminal Code is difficult because a clear approach to implementation captures does not exist. At the same time when going on “capturing” can be used different methods for a hostile takeover of the enterprise against the will of its existing owners or their combination.

Special danger for organizations or individuals, it is clear that presents namely illegal type of raiding. In the general sense, a “raider capture” means by the inhabitant a unlawful actions in first place.

The goal of the “raider” captures is to get illegal profit. The source of income can be assets, properties, production facilities etc .. Thus any active organization which receives revenue from the financial – economic activity, has the property – is a potential victim of “raider capture”.

Every owner or manager carries out management of the enterprise / organization, in fact should include the possibility of its removal from the management of both legal and illegal way. Envisaging opportunity, manager or owner may well identify the possible source of the threat and develop a plan and methods to protect their legal rights in the event of the occurrence of such negative events.

Forms and methods of protection are less dependent on the organization itself, and are more dependent on the source of its income on assets (ie that what essentially need to “raiders”). It is necessary to organize not only juridical, but also the physical form of the protection of property.

Also it is necessary include the recovery process of the enterprise / organization after the “raider capture” because regaining control over the company management does not mean the restoration of the normal state of action (operation of the business). This procedure or plan should include, in addition to the measures when the risk event (raider capture) occurred, but also preventive measures for the conservation of information databases, documentation, etc..

Raider attacks, carried out with use a source of information from the company (internal source). Methods of protection against the Raiders should suggest measures for timely reaction, identify and neutralize the source of information leakage.

APP-Invest provides legal assistance individuals and legal entities to protect against raiding

Legal assistance, it appears, on the public – a non-profit basis (in the consultation form) and on the basis of the provision of services (in cases where render legal assistance is costly for the organization of work), in the form of execution of orders, preparation of documents, actions and implementation representation sides.

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