Administrative law

Juridical and physical persons everywhere are faced with the administrative law, in obtaining permits, licenses, certificates, business registration or registration of changes concerning the legal entities and individuals, other documents etc…

Actions, inaction and decisions of administrative officials (bureaucrats, service) could be appealed in the Court or a special public organs relevant competence, and to oblige them to perform certain actions favorable or necessary to the client, and thus solve the the problems facing it:

  • arising in the course of financial – economic activity, corporate, civil, etc.;
  • to obtain permits, licenses, certificates, etc.;
  • implement the legal right, verify, protect the interests, etc.;
  • and others.

Administrative law – the system of legal norms that regulate relations concerning the management activities of government bodies and officials, on the execution of the delegated functions of the state in the process of exercise of executive power by public authorities.

The subject of administrative law in Ukraine – a system of relations between public authorities and entities exercising the execution of delegated functions of the state in the implementation of executive power with the aim of ensuring the rights and freedoms of the citizen, normal functioning of of civil society and the state, with the ability to apply to violators administrative – legal norms, tools of administrative coercion and responsibility.

Method of implementation of administrative law – the regulation of social relations in which the management entity (public authority) is endowed with governmental authority, and the subject (citizen) is obliged to comply with its legal requirements.

For the implementation of its functions, the body vested with governmental authority is obliged to strictly observe the laws, regulations and other administrative and legal acts which regulate its activities, including those arising from these methods and principles in making decisions or taking actions of legally (legal) value.

Strict compliance the body vested with governmental authority the laws, regulations and administrative regulations which regulate its activities, protects the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the normal functioning of civil society and the state apparatus.

Individual or a legal person may appeal the action / inaction of the body vested with governmental authority in several independent instances. Successful appeal action authority vested with governmental authority may oblige the body in the event of an error, the direct or indirect violation of for the acts or inaction administrative regulations which regulate its activities, to cancel this action or to oblige the administrative person (or body) do other things that will restore the violated rights.

APP-Invest provides legal assistance individuals and legal entities on issues related to administrative law. The essence of the legal aid is to represent the interests of the person:

  • the implementation of their rights by reference to administrative person (or public authority) for falling within the competence of the Authority;
  • or to protect the legitimate rights and interests against the acts and violations committed by administrative entity (or government agency).

Administrative disputes in recent times are increasingly being used in Ukraine, largely due to frequent violations committed by the body (a subject endowed with a governmental authority) in the performance of the delegated functions of the state in the process of exercise of executive power, which leads to violation of rights and freedoms.

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