Practices in the field of law

Legal practice implies an activity of a competent person (law firm, advocate, lawyer, etc.) to provide services for: interpretation, analysis, implementation, concretization, systematization and perform other actions concerning the legal requirements, rules and acts, which are considered in unity with the accumulated socio-legal experience.

The expediency of cooperation with the competent person conditioned by the following factors:

  1. Any legal system is in constant development dynamic and constantly changing, in whole or in part, over time accumulated the socio-legal experience becomes more extensive, resulting in the types and methods of legal action is change;
  2. Activities associated with the legal regulations is a quite volume and varied in content object of activity, with specific procedures, standards, etc.;
  3. The trend of development of the legal system (in Ukraine), – at the legislative level to fix the need for participation in the legal relationship a intermediary (eg advocate).

Practical legal work APP-Iinvest addresses issues related to: the financial and economic activity of legal entities and individuals; Individuals relationships; relations arising in connection with violation of the law; questions concerning the relationship of persons with public authorities; and others.

Practical legal work essentially consists of a set of standard legal acts which are carried out in the form of ad hoc orders in interests of the client (consultation, preparation of legal reference, preparation of conclusion; preparation and approval of the document; preparation and submission of the statement of claim, petitions, explanations, and other procedural documents).

In the performance of individual orders Customer (client), is the face of making the decision on the need to address those-or-other actions.

Implementation services can be performed “complex” or in the form of so-called “procedural support”, ie taking into account the transfer in favor of the Executor part of the functions of the Customer (client), to perform a series of consecutive actions. Such services are usually needed when representing the interests of juridical and physical persons in lawsuits and proceedings, as well as criminal proceedings.

APP-Invest offers services for the following categories (directions in the field of law), namely:

  • Administrative law;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Tax law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Civil law.

A more detailed description of the services that APP-Iinvest provides to businesses and individuals in these directions can be found in the price – list.

For a more operational information about the possibility of the provision of services, you can contact the specialists at the contact information listed on site or a contact information listed on this page.

The procedure for the provision of services, their cost and method of payment is considered on an individual basis, depending on the task and the result that the customer wants to get in the end.

APP-Invest actively practicing the following legal issues related to:

  • anti-raider direction;
  • anti-corruption direction;
  • participation in community projects;
  • participation in commercial projects;
  • creation and active participation in the programs of partnership with legal entities and individuals.

In above directions the legal activities of the company, you can always consult with specialists APP-Iinvest. Specialists will help you to use your knowledge and experience to better define the problem and options to solve it.

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