Judicial practice

Providing service law firm requires the implementation of certain one-off actions (consultations, services, works), or a series of consistently performed actions (legal support and complex services). Subject of activity of the legal company, is aimed at addressing specific questions and problems in the legal field faced by the client.

Method of the legal exposure, assumes performance subjects of law (the bearer of certain rights and responsibilities) of certain actions and procedures, as a result, it regulates or affects the legal field, gaining new right and possibility, recover the lost right, etc..

At the same time, the impact on the subjects of the legal system is carried out in different ways, such as “lawyer as an administrative face,” a representative of the electoral authority or the Court may exercise the regulation through the creation of laws, regulatory – legal acts, acts of individual action regulations, court decisions, etc.. “Lawyer” – the representative of the subject of the right as a juridical company (the subject of financial – economic activity), a lawyer, or a natural person who does not possess such rights, carries out actions to implement and protect the rights of existing in a (defined by the law, normative legal acts), or by initiating legal procedures.

The legal company carries out the following actions:

  • legal consultation orally or in writing form;
  • preparation of documentation: juridical reference (opinions), document, statutory documents, claims, petitions, motions, etc.;
  • representation of interests of the subject of the right in a: representation of interests in subject of the right: disputes; judicial and criminal proceedings; registration agreement and receipt of permits, statutory documentation, etc.; documentation and permits in the state bodies.

Tasks of law firm, consists in solving the concrete questions faced by the client, for example:

  • registration of the company or individual entrepreneur, changes in statutory documents, change of director of the company, the registration the joint stock company, registration of civil organizations, the registration of the consortium, the registration of corporations, registration foundations or associations, or liquidation of these enterprises, etc .;
  • civil cases on administrative offenses, traffic accidents, family disputes and dissolution of marriage procedures, etc .;
  • obtaining permits (construction, ecology, architecture, SES, etc.), licenses for construction – installation work (construction license), a license for the design or designer certification (ISU, HAP, etc.), the coordination of projects etc.;
  • debt collection, litigation in civil, commercial, corporate processes, criminal trials, etc ..

APP-Invest as a juridical company, provides the above legal activities, procedures and services its clients. Contacting the company, you can the contacts in the sidebar on this page or in the site contacts.

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