The procedure for the provision of services

Collaboration principles

APP-Invest organizes joint work with the company’s customers on the basis of basic principles including openness, clarity and integrity in relation to the fulfillment of obligations.

A clear definition of joint goals, conscientious fulfillment of obligations is the key to successful cooperation.

Proposed organization order

To improve the quality of provided services, APP-Invest offers the following order organization of cooperation:

  1. The formation assignments (orders) of client or consultation (talks), to form a task to perform services (work) together with the APP-Invest specialist;
  2. Appointments negotiated and concluded agreement / service contract, work order;
  3. Execution of services, works and assignments.

Pre-contract service approval

Form, scope and content of services agreed during the consultation. As options can be considered:

  • organization of works / services in the form of a single instruction (or several orders). The organization of work in the form of coordinated implementation of the procedure (which sets the client or artist depending on the order of implementation of the contract) and expected from the work performed, the result;
  • organization of works / services in the form of consulting support.

For consultation and the formation of tasks to perform works / services, you can contact the contact details listed on the APP-Invest website.

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