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APP-Invest offers services for the development of an individual business plan for an investment idea, project, program, in the form of an investment justification.

The service package involves the development of a detailed individual business plan with a detailed description of the sections of the business plan and its economic part. Including in the business plan there may be sections describing the possibilities of the project development, options for its improvement and avoidance of risks.

The package of services offered by APP-Invest is most suitable for working with the investor. The investor participates in the project with his own resources and carries risks associated with the failure of the project as a whole, and therefore he is interested in a detailed analysis of the project in which he is going to participate.

Cost and deadlines

As part of the service offerings, APP-Invest specialists determine the main average indicators of the cost and the period of the work regarding to a specific service package. The average indicator allows you to effectively navigate in the approximate terms necessary to perform the types of work defined in the service.

At the same time, it should be noted that the cost of developing a business plan in the form of a detailed investment justification is individual for each investment project and is contractual.

As a basic average indicator of the cost of developing a business plan in the form of an investment justification accepted the amount of 2500USD.

The period necessary to prepare an investment justification directly depends on the task for developing a business plan and is calculated based on the amount of work that needs to be done.

The base period for the preparation of a business plan (investment justification) in this package of services is 20 working days.

The determination of more accurate terms and cost of services occurs during pre-contract preparation for the development of a business plan. For a preliminary assessment of these indicators, before concluding a contract for the development of a business plan, a task is prepared to develop a business plan and conditions are assessed that may affect or impede the implementation of services.

Relative advantages of the service package

An individual business plan is used for different purposes. In order to obtain investment or loans, as a guide to project management or for other purposes.

The content of the business plan is formed in such a way as to answer the questions originally posed to the developer, which depend on the goals facing the Customer. The basic questions include: the viability of the investment idea; the feasibility of investing in the project; the relative payback period of the project; about investment and other possible risks of the project; and others.

It should be noted that the business plan is a tool to help realize an investment project. The more detailed and more justified a business plan is prescribed, the less likely, that in the course of project implementation risks will work that lead to negative consequences.

Thus, it is obvious that the main value of a business plan is its validity, compliance with the criteria of a managerial and organizational tool. Compliance with these criteria allows the business plan to meet the goals set for the Customer.

One of the important criteria is justification. This package of services involves a special detailing of the sections of the business plan depending on the goals, and therefore is the best choice for evaluating an investment idea, project, program.

Service subject

Development of a business plan in the form of an investment rationale involves the provision of several types of services:

  • in the form of consultations that are held at the pre-contract stage and directly during the development of a business plan;
  • directly on the preparation of a business plan related to the implementation of individual orders if such are provided for by the contract and are necessary for the preparation of the investment rationale;
  • in the form of support during negotiations with a potential investor or creditor, which may include the development of additional presentation documents, direct participation in negotiations on the client side, etc. actions.

Preparation of an investment feasibility assumes a diverse nature of activities aimed at preparing certain sections of the business plan, including:

  • financial risk assessment;
  • financial planning and investment project modeling;
  • preparation of financial calculations related to the project budget, calculation of its capitalization and assessment of the payback period of financial investments;
  • technological and production calculations;
  • assessment of investment risks;
  • preparation and planning of managerial, organizational, ongoing activities within the framework of the investment project at the investment and pre-investment stages;
  • design activity;
  • development of the organizational structure of the project;
  • business planning, modeling, development of strategic and main goals, objectives of the investment project;
  • on the description of the general basic information of the investment project;
  • assessment of the market and market prospects of the project;
  • assessment of the experience of such investment projects and the application of existing developments to optimize and improve the efficiency of the investment project;
  • project engineering, including the development of specific measures to improve the efficiency of the investment project;
  • plans for resuscitation of the investment project in case of failure and measures to reduce the negative consequences from the failure of the project;
  • legal part and project security measures;
  • and another.

Those the development of a business plan is associated with many factors and aspects of the investment project that require structural study at the pre-investment stage.

Differences from other offers of services related to the development of a business plan for an investment project

The main objective of the proposed investment justification is a comprehensive and multifaceted examination of the investment project.

Financial models, teasers, business plans of a different form are tools that perform specific functions within the framework of the overall project implementation system. The preparation and application of each specific document has an effective impact at a certain stage of the investment project.

Teasers, financial models, these are documents that allow you to select information from the general structure of an investment project that is necessary for an investor, creditor, Customer or other person for whom a business plan has been prepared, in the form that will most effectively satisfy the request for the necessary information and will be sufficient to make the necessary decision.

Investment justification is a more complex document that includes a general structural assessment of the investment project. Such a document is prepared at the late stages of negotiations regarding investment and is final in relation to the investment project and according to structural logic should serve as the basis for making the final decision on investing in the project.

Other models of the investment business plan are more applicable at the stages of negotiations, allowing you to present the parties of the investment project with a sufficient level of information at the right time.

Content of the investment rationale

Working with a project investor is a more complicated process than working with a lender. The investor carries more risks associated with the project, and in some cases, the project implementation model assumes the investor’s participation in the management of the investment project. Participation can be formal, in order to comply with general acceptable conditions for investment safety for the investor, and real if the investor participates in the organization of project management.

An individual business plan should contain a description of the organization of project management, a description of the role performed by the parties and other information about the project.

APP-Invest when ordering a package of services to develop an individual business plan, will develop a business plan corresponding to the international norms and standards. In this case, the individual business plan will contain the main sections of the business plan with a detailed analysis of each of them.

The standard composition of this business plan is:

  • the general part of the project;
  • the economic part of the project
  • a general description of the processes and sections of the project;
  • project engineering.

For our specialists to estimate the cost of developing a business plan, you need to fill out a questionnaire‎. To fill out the questionnaire, you can contact APP-Invest specialists by phone on the website and get a free consultation on completing the questionnaire.

Steps for the implementation of the investment feasibility study services

Preparation of investment justification is carried out in two main stages: pre-contract; in the terms of contract. Such an approach to organizing the implementation of services for the development of an individual business plan allows, within the framework of each specific stage, to single out and focus on the execution of key actions-factors that affect the performance of services in general.

Of fundamental importance at the pre-contract stage are:

  • preparing a task to collect baseline data for a business plan;
  • preparation of tasks for the development of investment justification;
  • determination of the goals and objectives of the development of investment justification.

A clear fixation of the assignment and the determination of the key goals of the investment justification make it possible to ensure the best adaptation of the future business plan to the goals in real life that the Customer pursues.

As part of the provision of services, the main factor ensuring the success of the development of an investment rationale is the interaction and efficiency in the exchange of necessary information between the parties.

Special and additional conditions

The service does not provide additional or special conditions necessary for its implementation.

Depending on the content of the investment project, it may include the need for a special assessment or audit, economic or technical examination.

If necessary, additional costs regarding the implementation of services are provided at the pre-contract stage and are taken into account within the total cost of developing an investment justification.

As a bonus, APP-Invest specialists accompany the client of the company throughout the entire process of obtaining a loan (or investment) from developing a business plan to the end of the project.

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