APP-Invest offers its customers a package of services “premium” for developing an individual business plan.

An individual business plan is used for different purposes. In order to obtain investment or loans, as a guide to project management or for other purposes.

Business plan is a tool to help realize an investment project. The more detailed and more justified a business plan is prescribed, the less likely, that in the course of project implementation risks will work that lead to negative consequences.

The Premium service package involves the development of a detailed individual business plan with a detailed description of the sections of the business plan and its economic part. Including in the business plan there may be sections describing the possibilities of the project development, options for its improvement and avoidance of risks.

The package of services “Premium” offered by APP-Invest is most suitable for working with the investor. The investor participates in the project with his own resources and carries risks associated with the failure of the project as a whole, and therefore he is interested in a detailed analysis of the project in which he is going to participate.

Working with a project investor is a more complicated process than working with a lender. The investor carries more risks associated with the project, and in some cases, the project implementation model assumes the investor’s participation in the management of the investment project. Participation can be formal, in order to comply with general acceptable conditions for investment safety for the investor, and real if the investor participates in the organization of project management. An individual business plan should contain a description of the organization of project management, a description of the role performed by the parties and other information about the project.

APP-Invest when ordering a package of Premium services to develop an individual business plan, will develop a business plan corresponding to the international norms and standards. In this case, the individual business plan will contain the main sections of the business plan with a detailed analysis of each of them. The standard composition of this business plan is:

  • the general part of the project;
  • the economic part of the project
  • a general description of the processes and sections of the project;
  • project engineering.

The cost of developing an individual business plan is from 2500USD and depends on the level of detail of the sections.

For our specialists to estimate the cost of developing a business plan, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the link:/en/oprosnui_list_biznes_plan‎. To fill out the questionnaire, you can contact APP-Invest specialists by phone on the website and get a free consultation on completing the questionnaire.

Specialists help the company’s clients to get investments, and accompany the company’s customers throughout the entire process of obtaining a loan (or investment) from the development of the business plan and to the end of the project.

APP-Invest conducts free consultations on issues related to the development of a business plan and the implementation of an investment project.

Cost of services for developing an individual business plan from 2500USD, depending from the task.

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