APP-Invest offers its customers a package of services “Econom” for the development of an individual business plan.

Business plan offered in the package economy, this is a business plan that includes a brief description of the main sections of the project. Such a business plan is suitable for a company planning to obtain a loan or investment in its project, at the stage of starting negotiations with an investor or a creditor.

The presentation of the draft in brief form, facilitates the promptness of the negotiations. So, for example: The customer for investment or credit, does not spend unnecessary time preparing an investment justification in an extensive version that includes in-depth study of the risks and organizational nuances of the project; The investor or the lender receives the basic information allowing him to make a decision on financing the project or negotiating the project in principle; the brevity of the presentation of information facilitates the rapid processing of information by all parties, perhaps even for several hours, which allows maintaining an intensive dynamics of negotiations.

The practice of conducting negotiations with investment funds, companies, banks shows that at an early stage of negotiations, it is the short form of the business plan that is acceptable. Moreover, the Investor or Lender is more willing to study a small plan than sit down to study the huge.

If project is financially not large or even average, that is, the amount does not exceed 100,000. USA, the presentation of the project in the format of the package of services “economy” is the best choice, because taking into account the specifics of the project, most likely the greater presentation will not be required. In 80% of cases, such projects are sufficiently typical and monotonous, or their detailing will require the study of the micro-economic indicators of the project. For “special” small projects involving technological innovations or other features that are not understood by a wide range of potential investors, the project should be detailed – but not to bring this event to the point of absurdity (not every investor will want to read a project in which the main task is to buy a hammer and a nail).

Using the package of services “econom” offered by APP-Invest to develop an individual business plan, you will get an optimal business plan allowing successful negotiations with the investor. planning of our company will significantly facilitate and simplify the procedure and negotiations with the investor.

The content of the business plan is modified and specially selected for each unique project. For a constructive dialogue with an investor or a lender, the business plan should include: a description of the project, a financial and organizational plan. If these sections are available, the cost of the project and its essence will be clear, that is, an integral investment proposal will be formed.

If you order the experts APP-Invest development of individual business plan for the package of services “economy” you get a business plan with a short description of the sections of the investment project:

  • project description;
  • economics and organizational plan of the project;
  • description of the benefits of the project;
  • project engineering.

The cost of the package of services “economy” for the development of an individual business plan is from 500USD to 1500USD, depending on the project and tasks for its development.

To estimate the cost of developing a business plan, you must fill out a questionnaire on the link: /en/oprosnui_list_biznes_plan‎.

To receive consultations about issues related to the development of a business plan, or on other issues, you can contact APP-Invest’s specialists on site contact information or through a free consultation form.

APP-Invest specialists accompany their clients during all negotiations that clients conduct with an investor or a creditor, helping to successfully complete negotiations and receive financial resources.

APP-Invest conducts free consultations for its clients on issues arising in the process of developing a business plan and on issues related to obtaining financial assets (investments, loans).

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