Development of an individual business plan

Services for development of a business plan

APP-Invest provides services for the development of an individual business plan for an investment project, business ideas, business models, business strategies, etc. projects or programs.

Individual business plan development packages:
from 300 USDfrom 1000 USDfrom 2500 USD
from 10 working daysfrom 15 working daysfrom 20 working days
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Individual business plan development packages:
from 300 USD
from 10 working days
More details
from 1000 USD
from 15 working days
More details
from 2500 USD
from 20 working days
More details

As part of the service, APP-Invest specialists will develop and prepare a business plan in the amount and content necessary for the Customer.

The development of a business plan is a complex process, including many options for adapting a business plan to achieve the specific goals of its development. The cost of development directly depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to create a business plan, and therefore, regardless of the package of services, the cost of developing a business plan is negotiable.

About the business plan

In the process of business planning creating new business ideas, projects, plans, strategies, through which start a new business, and the action develops or gets even better.

Business ideas, business projects, business strategies, business models… are ideas and plans aimed at creating new values ​​or improving business.

Any idea, strategy or project, go from “conception” to “implementation.” Simple ideas can be implemented quickly and without much effort. But as the business evolves, the business sets itself more global and therefore more complex goals and tasks.

To implement complex business goals needed financial and organizational opportunities. In addition, every business idea is unique and to realize this idea it is necessary to solve many issues that are directly related to it, for example:

  • assess risks;
  • assess the business idea’s economy and its profitability;
  • solve organizational issues, including those related to project management, legal and the like issues.

The content of the work on preparing a business plan allows us to create a well-stated and structured document from the general business idea that will justify the feasibility and necessity of implementing such an investment project.

In addition, a carefully designed plan allows us to assess the real risks and investment opportunities of the project, which in turn allows us to develop a number of opportunities and effective measures at the planning stage to attract investment, organizational and production tools to the project.

Thus, this document is necessary for anyone who wants to implement an investment idea, project or program.

Business plan formats

The investment project is an expensive event. The failure of the project, means for the business – significant financial losses. In order to avoid losses associated with the failure of the project, it is necessary to assess the business idea and its economy at an early stage of project development. This problem is solved by developing a business plan.

Business plan is a complex document containing sections describing an investment project (or business project). The business project describes a non-existent business goal that is planned to be achieved, as well as methods, methods and measures to achieve it.

In general, the business plan can be limited to a small description (description of the project and how to implement it). APP-Invest practice of developing business plans shows that most often the business plan is used for dialogue with the investor and assessing the risks of the project. In general, the business plan as a tool is used for the following goals:

  • receive financing from the bank, from the investor, to the investment fund, etc.;
  • decided to launch (start) of the project;
  • use as a guide to action (project implementation guides);
  • another goal.

In fact, the goal of developing and applying a business plan is determined by the Customer himself. The business idea and business objectives of the project are also determined by the Customer. Depending on the purposes, the composition and content of the business plan is modeled. That is, the business plan has a dynamic structure. APP-Invest offers clients business plans in the following formats, helping to most effectively describe the project and achieve its goals:

  • Business plan of the construction – investment project (for projects for the creation of new real estate, production, etc.);
  • Financial model of the construction – investment project (description of the business idea, measures to achieve it, economic indicators of costs and planned profits);
  • Business plan for the existing small, medium and large business (includes analysis of: the economic state of the operating enterprise, its development strategies, processes and organizational structure, risks associated with activities, etc.);
  • Business plan of the investment project (for projects related to: Internet IT technologies, securities, art, commodity transactions, financial and other services, etc.);
  • Financial model for an investment project;
  • Individual Business Plan (not related to the above categories of projects).

Having clearly defined the goals of developing a business plan and choosing the most rational model that will describe the business idea, it is possible to assess the majority of risks and prospects of the project at the initial stage, and avoid losses associated with the failure of the project. The cost of developing a business plan, for even an average investment project, is several times less than the cost of the project.

For development an individual business plan, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the link, for consultation regarding the development of a business plan, filling out a questionnaire and the procedure for providing services for the development of an individual business plan for an investment project, you can contact APP-Invest’s specialists by contacts listed on the website.

Content of the development of an individual business plan

Development of a business plan includes the following services:

  • consultation on issues related to the idea, project or program in relation to which a business plan is being developed, as well as finalization of the main task of the investment project;
  • preparing a task to collect the source data necessary for the development of a business plan;
  • preparation of tasks for the development of a business plan (including content);
  • information gathering, analytical work, consultations, calculation of financial and production models, design work and other actions for collecting data necessary for a business plan;
  • preparation of the business plan as a whole or its individual sections;
  • representation in matters related to the protection of a business plan in negotiations regarding obtaining a loan, investment or other financing;
  • changes to an existing business plan;
  • modeling of implementation options and recalculation of current sections;
  • modeling and planning of organizational, managerial events in calendar-network schedules and similar formats;
  • printout of a business plan;
  • and others.

Terms of implementation of the business plan

The time frame for the preparation of a business plan for an investment project depends on the size of the business plan and some factors, including those that APP-Invest specialists cannot influence.

The average duration for creating a small business plan is on average 5-15 days, depending on the speed of providing the source data necessary for development.

For complex and enormous in content business plans, respectively, a longer preparation period is required.

Procedure for developing a business plan

The procedure for concluding a transaction on a service for the development of an individual business plan:

  1. Coordination of the subject and scope of work;
  2. Coordination of the contractual cost of work;
  3. Coordination of contract terms;
  4. Conclusion of a service agreement.

Service execution procedure:

  1. Advance payment for services after signing the contract;
  2. Transfer of initial data for the development of a business plan;
  3. Development of a business plan;
  4. Acceptance and transfer of completed work under the contract.

Special and additional conditions regarding the development of a business plan

As part of the services for developing a business plan, special conditions may be provided for, which are determined in the framework of the contract for the provision of services.

These conditions may include:

  • payment of the administrative fee, if necessary for the performance of services;
  • conditions regarding the terms of the work, if the latter is affected by additional conditions stipulated by the contract, for example: increase in the volume of the task (business plan), dependence on obtaining the necessary initial data from third parties; etc..

In basic service packages, special conditions are not provided.

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