Directions of services APP-Invest

The main APP-Invest types of activities:

  • construction investment project management;
  • engineering services;
  • management and investment consulting;
  • legal (juridical) services.

Investment project management

Management of construction and investment projects is a separate area of APP-Invest, including the provision of specialized services of a managerial and organizational nature, as well as other activities for the successful implementation of investment projects.

To effectively manage and support the implementation of investment projects, APP-Invest were isolated and included in the main activity several sub-areas of critical importance and directly related to the implementation of investment projects. As part of the sub-directions, the company’s specialists expanded the main activities and thus diversified specific services not related to the main activity of the company, including those presented on this site.


One of the main separate areas of the company is engineering.

Engineering involves the provision of services to the client research, scientific, project, calculation, analytical, design, production, and different kind in order to increase business efficiency.

Forms of provide services involve: providing advice; development of recommendations; the development of financial, analytical, engineering, scientific and other documentation; representation of a client; etc..

It is very important to understand that the main goal of engineering is to increase the efficiency of the business system, or, as is most often the case, effective indicators of an investment project.


An important link to ensure the effective implementation of the projects that APP-Invest works with and to solve many problems associated with business organization are two areas:

This division of direction allows you to effectively provide support for projects at the pre-investment stage, as well as solve problems facing existing business and customers of the company.

Legal direction

Practice shows that an integral part of the implementation of an investment project is the solution of many legal problems arising due to the specifics of projects.

To effectively solve these problems, APP-Invest specialists carry out legal activities including services related to solving organizational and managerial tasks of the business, as well as services related to the tasks facing individuals who are clients of the company.

The provision of legal services to APP-Invest is aimed at solving problems and problems arising in the legal field for the client. The experience of our specialists allows us to study problems, identify them at an early stage, and solve them comprehensively and as efficiently as possible without negative consequences for the company’s customers.

The main forms of service provision

As part of the directions, APP-Invest offers the following forms of service delivery depending on the direction and the task at hand:

  • consultations in “online” in the oral procedure;
  • legal – consulting, expert or analytical report in writing;
  • preparation of a legal document for further application in civil law turnover as required;
  • event planning;
  • execution of individual instructions (design, construction, etc.);
  • Representation, upon receipt or approval (legalization) of documents, permits, licenses, certificates in public authorities with the relevant competence;
  • Representation of a party in disputes with third parties and subjects of power, in a pre-judicial manner and in a dispute resolution process and in courts.

Regarding the cost of the services you can consult our office specialists using the contact details at the site. Some of the services you can find in the price – list.

Company clients

APP-Invest provides services for:

  • for juridical entities and individuals entrepreneurs (Ukraine);
  • for physical persons (citizens of Ukraine);
  • for non-resident individuals and legal entities.

Principles of organization of collaboration

Based on APP-Invest of experience in the Ukrainian legal services market offers clients to build a work together (receiving / services) on understandable and acceptable to the parties to the conditions and procedure:

  1. The agreed goals and objectives (including qualitative indicators of results of performance of services), procedure and conditions of service, the responsibility for the result.
  2. Making the relationship properly (in the format of the contract – order, contract for services, commission contract or execution of works contract), including the payment of taxes to the state and to avoid promoting schemes of corruption in state bodies or organizations.

In turn to, APP-Invest specialists try to do everything possible, to:

  1. To achieve results in the tasks, purposes;
  2. To protect client from problem and prevent any possible negative legal consequences for it;
  3. To prevent the risks associated with properly task initially, bad organization process, technical errors or other errors;
  4. The client was satisfied with the result of the cooperation.

Working with APP-Invest, you will find not only of professional specialists but also an excellent partner to help you to build a profitable business for many years.

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