Partnership program

About affiliate programs

APP-Invest actively develops partner programs in the field of investments and projects for joint implementation in Ukraine and other countries.

The main objectives of implementing such programs are: to establish mutually beneficial cooperation in investment, construction , legal, commercial activities for profit, the creation of joint projects and programs for implementation on the territory of Ukraine and the European Union.

In the framework of creating partnership programs, APP-Invest specialists develop their own models of cooperation and organization of joint work, as well as consider proposals of companies and individuals of partners.

The basic principle of creating joint programs is based on the principle of parity, within which the conditions of cooperation should be equally beneficial to all parties.

Existing collaborative offers

Some of the proposals for cooperation are posted on the site. Description of proposals here: projects and programs for organizing joint work.

If the information that is of interest, for technical reasons, it is not available on the site or you have a constructive proposal for consideration, contact APP-Invest specialists for site contacts for necessary information.

Affiliate programs are considered as separate projects, with an appropriate approach to the organization of their implementation.

Affiliate program directions

Within the framework of the partnership program APP-Invest offers partners to companies the options for joint cooperation in the following areas:

  • implementation of joint construction projects;
  • the implementation of joint trade operations and foreign economic contracts, as well as contracts relating to international cargo transportation;
  • implementing joint programs with charities and foundations;
  • cooperation in the legal and consulting field;
  • and others.

Some of the programs of joint cooperation offered by our company will be posted on the site. If you have a proposal for joint activities, you can offer it to APP-Invest specialists by sending to the company’s mailbox or by calling the number indicated on the company’s website.

Service affiliate programs

APP-Invest has a long-term experience of cooperation long-term experience of cooperation with various organizations and specialists in the field of services. At the same time, the subject of cooperation is the services APP-Invest, which the company renders in:

  • the legal field;
  • the sphere of registration of the permissive documentation;
  • sphere of investment and management consulting;
  • the sphere of trade and transport (international contracts, supplies, transportation);
  • the construction industry;
  • environmental projects on the use of renewable energy sources (processing low-calorie hydrocarbon compounds);
  • and others.

The experience of APP-Invest specialists allows to effectively organize joint cooperation in the above-listed areas of activity and services. Turning to our specialists, you can be sure in our company as a reliable partner.

In addition to the above-mentioned commercial activities, APP-Invest also works with public and charitable projects. The main requirement of our company for projects and programs of a public orientation is the objective nature of the activity (that is, projects and programs of a public orientation and cooperation, should be directed to real activity and achievement of public goals and objectives, rather than learning profit in the guise of public activities).

All proposals are considered by APP-Invest specialists and are cheked before publication on the site. The check involves studying the proposal in essence and checking the feasibility of its implementation as a whole. Offers that do not make sense, or with which APP-Invest does not work, will not be published on the site.

For the organization of joint cooperation about issues related to the services of the company, you can contact APP-Invest by contact information site.

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