Below are some public projects and programs which APP-Invest is currently implementing.

APP-Invest actively participates in social activities. Our specialists provide legal support to public figures and public organizations on the territory of Ukraine. Including APP-Invest helps public figures to participate in various international programs (including programs financing community projects and organizations in Ukraine).

Acquaintance with the public (non-commercial) projects and programs which involve experts APP-Invest:

public projects and programs of the companyProjects and programs related to the provision of practical assistance and protection of animal rights The description will be available on the site later.

APP-Invest cooperates with public figures and organizations whose purpose is the actual implementation of charitable activities in accordance with statutory activities (including the provision of real charitable assistance, depending on the goals and activities of organizations and public figures).

APP-Invest does not provide assistance to fictitious public organizations whose purpose is to deceive the beneficiaries of charity.

APP-Invest develops its own public and charitable projects with some of which you can find on this site. The main activities of APP-Invest are related to: counteracting corruption in public authorities; anti-rider activity; protection of animal rights.

APP-Invest employs lawyers with many years of experience in the field of law that build legal schemes related to the preparation of permits as well as other issues related to business activities and individuals. APP-Invest lawyers help the company’s clients not to get involved and do not even expect corrupt arrangements, connections or schemes. Clients of the company conscientiously observing the Law, subsequently do not have any problems in their activities

The anti-rider direction of public activities of APP-Invest is closely related to the anti-corruption direction. It’s not a secret, that the bulk of schemes of raider seizures of organizations, property and enterprises as a key link include participation in the capture of a corrupt official who, through action or inaction, is preventing the possibility of seizing organization or property.

You can offer APP-Invest to participate in charitable activities or offer your own version of cooperation for public activities. To send a proposal, you can use the feedback form of the site or contact the contact phone indicated on the APP-Invest website

If you have a investment proposal or project, you can contact APP-Invest on the contact details listed on the site and offer your project or program for joint implementation.

Consulting and legal services from 100USD

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