Commercial projects and programs

Commercial projects and programs

Investment area, one of the main activities of APP-Invest. As part of the direction, the company’s specialists carry out activities related to the search for existing and the creation of new investment projects.

Investment projects are selected and developed depending on the main focus (projects: cooperation; commercial; public).

Commercial projects include projects designed to profit from their implementation and associated with the creation of real estate, manufacturing and trading enterprises.

Some projects and programs developed as part of the investment activity are listed here: commercial projects and programs that are currently being implemented APP-Invest.

The list of investment projects on the site is constantly changing, limited and presented in the form of investment models with a basic short description of the investment proposal.

Suggested investment and commercial projects

The model of work in the direction associated with the creation of commercial projects and programs involves several main activities:

  • search for projects;
  • development of own investment projects and programs;
  • project implementation promotion.

Thus, the site may present its own projects APP-Invest, as well as models of investment projects developed by partners of the company.

To familiarize yourself with commercial programs and projects, or if you want to offer us your investment project or a program for joint implementation, you should contact APP-Invest specialists using the site’s contact information.

About the development of investment projects

APP-Invest develops its own investment projects, and also cooperates with construction and investment companies in Europe, Ukraine, the CIS.

In the framework of cooperation, APP-Invest develops various investment projects and programs, as well as actively negotiates with financial organizations and investment funds, including:

  • participates in negotiations and develops joint programs for financing and lending to investment projects;
  • develops and carries out activities for the preparation of investment programs for obtaining financing and investments in own investment projects or projects of partner companies.

Negotiations and cooperation with potential lenders and investment funds allow APP-Invest specialists to develop the shortest and most effective ways to obtain financing for investment projects.

For some financing options, special schemes have been developed (interaction algorithms), the so-called “road maps”, which allow to effectively convey information to a potential investor or lender.

About cooperation in the development of investment programs

Cooperation in the preparation of investment projects and programs with partners, involves the implementation of projects with the participation of APP-Invest specialists, as a management or accompanying company serving individual processes of the investment project.

As part of the investment direction, APP-Invest offers services related to the support of an investment project at the pre-investment and investment stages.

Most issues related to the creation of commercial projects and programs arise at the initial stages of the implementation of investment projects, namely at the pre-investment stage of the project. In this regard, most of the projects proposed by the company, including those described on the website, describe models of investment projects developed precisely at the pre-investment stage.

Additional options for cooperation

As part of the joint work, APP-Invest experts also stipulate the possibility and options for cooperation in the following areas:

  • APP-Invest participation in construction projects as a general contractor or on a contract basis depending on the project;
  • implementation of joint trade operations and foreign economic contracts;
  • implementation of contracts related to international shipping;
  • implementation of joint programs with charitable organizations and foundations;
  • other.

On similar projects and programs, APP-Invest cooperates with companies in Ukraine.

The experience of APP-Invest specialists in various investment and construction investment projects allows us to successfully implement joint projects and programs over the years.

If you have an investment offer or a project, you can contact APP-Invest using the contact information provided on the website and offer your project or program for joint implementation.

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