Here are some commercial projects and programs which APP-Invest currently implements.

The most current projects and programs are posted on the APP-Invest website. For acquaintance with other commercial programs and projects, or in case you want to offer us your investment project or a program for joint implementation, you should contact APP-Invest’s specialists on site contact information.

Get acquainted with investment (commercial) projects and programs on the APP-Invest website:

Projects and Programs related to practical technological solutions in fuel and energy sphere and environmental. Description of projects and the companies.

Crediting of construction - investment projects at 4-7% per annum from the EU, read more

APP-Invest develops its own investment projects, and also cooperates with construction and investment companies in Europe and Ukraine In the framework of cooperation, APP-Invest develops various options for cooperation, including:

  • credit programs for crediting joint investment projects or projects of partner companies;
  • investment programs for investment in joint investment projects or projects of partner companies;
  • projects for joint implementation, including the possibility of obtaining investment funds for the implementation of projects;
  • programs for joint implementation, including with the possibility of obtaining investment funds for the implementation of programs.

In the framework of teamwork, APP-Invest specialists also discuss the possibility of joint cooperation in matters:

  • APP-Invest’s participation in construction projects as a general contractor or on a contract basis depending on the project;
  • implementation of joint trade operations and foreign economic contracts;
  • implementation of contracts relating to international cargo transportation;
  • implementing joint programs with charities and foundations;
  • and others.

APP-Invest cooperates with companies on the territory of Ukraine for similar projects and programs.

The experience of APP-Invest specialists in various investment and construction investment projects allows successfully implementing joint projects and programs for many years.

If you have a investment proposal or project, you can contact APP-Invest on the contact details listed on the site and offer your project or program for joint implementation.

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