Investment programs and projects

APP-Invest activities

APP-Invest carries out search, development, organization and implementation of the development of investment projects on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Georgia. Priorities are projects on energy – efficiency.

APP-Invest has its own financial resources and a sufficient number of partners willing to invest innovative projects.

APP-Invest tasks

The main objective of specialist APP-Invest is a organization of constructive cooperation between the investor (investment group) and the owner of the innovative ideas of the project. Available experience allows company specialists connect to the realization of the investment project at any stage. Based on practice, the most effective participation of APP-Invest on the pre-investment stage. The experience of our specialists allows to uncover the maximum of the potential ideas and agree on the most favorable terms of cooperation with the Investor. Of no small importance in this process it has the confidence of investors, who offers our company and our specialists.

Experience APP-Invest shows that the main problem in the organization of the implementation of investment projects is a different understanding of the goals, objectives and the conflict of interests between the owner of investment ideas and investor. The owner of the project (idea) is interested in receiving funds and implementing a project practical part. An investor is primarily interested in the return on investment of investment funds. Problems arise when the investor wants to explore the risks and maximize the financial flows of the project, and owner of the idea does not want to show these risks and business plan represents the maximum profitability of the project.

It is for those reasons, the investor attraction process and the implementation of the investment project, is quite a long time and is rarely positive (investment funds).

To overcome the above, the objective and subjective problems of interaction between the owner of the idea and investors in the world are widely used experience of companies that have the necessary qualified specialists and are able to effectively resolve this conflict – to establish cooperation, to receive investment.

Work with investor

The relationship and cooperation between the project owner and investor, prior to receipt of investment funds in the general theory is called “pre-investment stage of the implementation of the investment project”.

Pre-investment stage includes specific actions to bring the project idea into a format accessible and acceptable to the Investor, including the negotiation of agreed investment procedures (approval of the “road map” for the receipt of funds, taking into account the investor’s requirements); harmonization of legal schemes and contractual framework for the project; perform other actions to bring the project and the conditions for its implementation in a format acceptable to the parties; etc..

APP-Invest specialists carries out “pre-investment preparation” and performs the necessary procedures for investment in the necessary volumes for the idea of the project.

Services, subject of cooperation with APP-Invest

If you have an investment idea, a project, you can contact APP-Invest, on the contact form in the sidebar or contact site, and our experts will help you to get the investment.

If you want to invest in the project (on this site), or to discuss the possibility of financing for other types of projects, you can contact APP-Invest, on the contact form the side panel or the site contacts, and our experts will help you to find a good option to invest investment funds.

In addition to participating in the development, organization and implementation of the development of investment of commercial oriented projects (created with the aim of making a profit), APP-Invest cooperates and helps public organizations and figures in the creation of their investment projects programs to address socially important problems.

Within the framework of the provision of services (engineering, consulting, legal), the company offers a variety of affiliate programs for the organization of mutually beneficial joint cooperation.

Description of the projects with which it APP-Invest works

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