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Every business plan is individual. Specialists APP-Invest, based on the experience of developing business plans for investment projects, depending on the type of the project, identify the sections that they consider to be of interest to the project and Customer to develop a business plan.

The business plan, conditionally, can be divided into three main parts: initial data and the task of developing a business plan; a common part; technical and economic part of the investment feasibility study.

Each part contains the information necessary for the comprehensive formation of understanding about the developed investment project. Depending on the subject of study, each of the sections may be of particular interest, and therefore have a more detailed structure and content.

The initial data of the investment project

This section includes a descriptive part that includes the technical task for the project and requirements for the development of the project, a description of the customer’s company, a description of the developer of the business plan and contractors performing the project, architectural design task for the development of the business plan, licenses and permits, data on land rights, Real estate, financial or intellectual resources (used in the project), etc.

In addition to describing certain circumstances of the investment project, this section of the business plan performs a number of organizational functions related to the development of a business plan.

Since the basic data collection procedure is based on most of the functions and procedures provided for in the contracts and legal documentation for the development of a business plan, the additional organizational advantage of this section is the possibility of generating reports on the contract based on the procedures performed during its development.

The general part of the project and the description of the investment project

The general part of the project and the description of the investment project contains a full description of the project, the order of its implementation and prospects. The main sections of this part of the investment project are:

  • Description of the project, which includes: the idea of ​​the project, the content of the project, a description of the project’s goals and objectives, consumers, the organizational form of implementing the investment project, etc.
  • Product Description;
  • Market description;
  • Competitive ability;
  • Organizational plan, including questions: management order and legal issues, the order of the project implementation with a description of the initialization, implementation, completion of the project, etc.
  • A financial plan describing the procedure for financing project activities, forming reserve funds, etc.
  • Risk analysis, including risk analysis, identification of the most relevant risks, organizational measures to avoid and minimize them;
  • Prospects for the development of the project;
  • Innovation of project.

In the general part, the content of the business plan of the investment project and its subject are fully described. In fact, this section forms the meaning of the investment project.

The economic part of the project

The economic part of the project includes a description of the financial structure of the investment project. Such a structure is formed on the understanding of the cost of production, costs and expenses of the investment project, including an understanding of capital investment costs and potential profit of the project.

As options, the following description options apply:

  • Project economics, including cost calculation, project balance, depreciation, calculation of repayment period, payback, etc.;
  • Production calculation;
  • Technological calculation.

Some of the objectives of developing a business plan are: providing the Customer with a real and reliable information regarding the investment project and the procedure for its implementation. An important element of the business plan is the sequence of presentation of the project, which will allow using it as a guide for the implementation of the project as a whole.

The above sections allow you to comprehensively evaluate the investment project and create the most clear idea about the project itself and how to implement it.


Content of the business plan is modeled according to the requirements of the Customer. The detail of the description of business plan sections also depends on the risks arising in the course of the project implementation. Based on their understanding, specific sections of the business plan are detailed: the economic part or the general section.

For consultations about developing a business plan, you can contact APP-Invest specialists. To develop a business plan, you can apply via by the link a questionnaire for the development of an individual business plan for an investment project.

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