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About engineering

Engineering is a form of increasing business efficiency.

Engineering allows to optimize: business processes of the organization; production processes and technologies; management and organizational structure, etc. processes that improve the effective performance of business activities in general.

Engineering (from the Latin “ingenium” – ability, ingenuity) – research, design, calculation, analytical, production activities, including development of recommendations aimed at improving the initial effective performance of projects, products, products, etc..

The greatest application of engineering found in the technical, production and construction spheres. The prevalence in these areas is largely due to a significant number of emerging narrow-profile issues requiring specialized knowledge and experience for a significant number of technical and organizational solutions.

Engineering is also carried out in other areas of activity, for example: business engineering; construction engineering; ІТ engineering; managerial engineering; legal engineering; etc..

Engineering is carried out in the form of services:

  • researching character, the development of technological solutions for individual production technologies, etc.;
  • design construction character;
  • calculation and analysis character;
  • production character;
  • to develop recommendations in the field of management, etc..

In some areas of activity, engineering is not considered as something separate, it is considered as an integral part of a project or business activity. For example in the design of construction projects, placed a project logistics circuit, optimizing the use of machines and mechanisms, optimization or replacement of process units for the production, etc..

Activities engineering company is to provide services the current leadership, top management, owners, managers and / or specialists of organization, to improve basic indicators of activity or the achievement of other objectives of the client’s application.

Provision of “engineering services” carried out oral and written form, in the form of the development of recommendations, specific solutions (technical, scientific, in the organization of management, legal, etc.).

Engineering levels

The main tasks of engineering determine the forms within which services are provided. The basic levels of interaction between an engineering company and a client are similar to the levels of interaction with a consulting company and include the possibility of consulting, training and specific tasks.

APP-Invest provides engineering services at the levels of:

  • Process, in which the provision of services is to perform specific assignments (tasks) put by the client;
  • Expert, in which the client formulates the problem and the desired result, and the provision of services consists in the fact that on the basis of the task engineering company develops methods and procedure for the decision of tasks, including the ability to perform them.

The form of rendering engineering services is determined depending on the tasks and goals that the client plans to achieve.

The definition of services and the form of their delivery is an important stage in the joint work on which the effectiveness of cooperation as a whole depends directly.

Directions of engineering services

Can identify the following directions of engineering services:

  • research services character, relating to the development of technological solutions of certain technologies, etc.),
  • project-design services character (development of documentation for technological lines, construction, etc.),
  • services computational and analytical character (development of technical feasibility studies, etc.),
  • production character (development of the production of a feasibility study, feasibility studies of investment in the improvement of the means of production, etc.),
  • production recommendations in the field of management, etc..

These areas allow, at any stage of the implementation of the investment project, to develop an event or a series of measures to increase effective business performance.

Developed activities can be different. The nature of the event does not limit the effectiveness in its application in relation to the overall business system. Management and organizational measures to improve the efficiency of the business system can be more successful than even activities related to the direct optimization of production and the resource base.

Engineering capabilities

The main objective of engineering is to increase efficiency. At the same time, efficiency is a conditional indicator that is formed in the context of many factors including an appropriate ratio of economic efficiency and practical meaning.

Modeling measures to increase the effective indicators of an investment project in the early stages of its implementation, the best way to increase the main effective indicators of the project.

Engineering can give business advantages in relation to competitors, for example: to reduce the cost price of production due to optimization of production, technological or organizational processes; improve the quality of the product or service; optimize the time spent on product manufacturing, delivery, etc.; improve customer service; and also to solve other problems and reach other indicators depending on the tasks facing the business.

Overall results

Engineering services include a number of tools to improve the economic efficiency of an existing business, investment project or program. Tools and methods for improving efficiency are selected individually for specific projects.

The selection of tools and the choice of methods for obtaining the result depends on the specialization of the company that provides engineering services.

In the quality of the conclusion, we can say:

  1. Engineering allows to improve: start-up (investment idea, project), operating business, production, etc.;
  2. From properly defined goals and objectives of the engineering company, from the form and methods of rendering services, the effectiveness of the result of providing engineering services directly depends.

For operational information about the possibility of the provision of engineering services, you can refer to specialists at the contact information listed on this page, or website.

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