APP-Invest specialists provide free legal advice to clients of the company.

Free consultations are conducted to determine the subject of the legal issue, and to set general goals and objectives of the company facing by the client, which are necessary to solve the legal issue in fact. In particular, the terms and procedure for the provision of certain services by APP-Invest specialists can be discussed.

Some legal problems can be solved in different ways (especially in pre-judicial and judicial proceedings), require the study of documentation, involve in solving the problem of narrowly specialized specialists, be more complicated than it seems at first glance, it is obvious that a free consultation can not guarantee a solution problems in one conversation.

The experience of the lawyers of APP-Invest shows that due to the detailed analysis of the legal issue, the previously agreed goals can be completely changed.

Defining the procedure for resolving a legal issue, this is the subject of the activities of APP-Invest specialists (the subject of services). In this connection, the company’s specialists can refuse to discuss these issues.

Specialists of APP-Invest do not seek to earn money from the client by imposing unnecessary services or dragging it into endless legal battles. Our task is to leave the client satisfied with the result of cooperation with us, and find the best solution to the legal problem in fact.

Consultation can be conducted “online” using the means of Internet connection: skype, viber, whatsapp. Also the client can receive a written response via email.

The answer in writing form may take some time, if you need an operational consultation, it is better to contact the company’s specialists through the telephone facilities indicated on the website.

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