Business development strategy, represents a plan for systematic and progressive achieve goals that have set themselves owners. The objectives of the activities and the period of existence of the enterprise determine its owners.

To answer the question “How quickly create brand (branded organization)?” for business owners and top management might be interested in this article is written in a continuation of the theme of corporatization.

The brand – in terms of marketing is symbolizing complex information about the company, product, service, which is a popular, easily recognizable and legally protected. The elements forming the brand may include the symbolism of any manufacturer or product (trade name, trademark, brand). Brand can be a single item (name, symbol, motto, slogan, motto, style, expression, idea, mathematical model), recognizable by the consumer with respect to conceptually worked out a set of goods and services, usually united in the direction of the company or association (for economic and strategic expediency).

The newly formed organization or small company can not build a brand in a short time indeed, since it takes time, financial investment and advertising. The natural development of the organization allows you to create brand and a recognizable organization until years later.

In fact there are quite old and proven recipe for solving this problem, already tested in the world and really working. This consolidation of the organizations – the formation of partnerships to solve common organizational, legal and other issues.

The use of this company’s development strategy (development through consolidation (unification) of several organizations), most effectively for small and medium-sized businesses.

Such unification and the formation has long been practiced in the world and in practice prove its necessity and effectiveness. In Ukraine, not only, that the legislation is not perfect in these matters, we can even say that the proposed temporary option does not reflect the essence of what is happening and does not allow the business agility to use and apply these opportunities.

If we use the proposed option (ie option to form unification organizations in the form of: consortium, corporations, concerns, associations, foundations, etc.), the company will, in principle, not having, say, a production unit – will be able to show it in its structure, in the form of their own unification division.

The main advantage in the consolidation of organizations – is the acceleration of the formation of the brand, and what the corporatization that makes it, as if, more significant. Since the one organization take years to ensure that create the image that have the companies included in the union. For months, you can create something that in normal conditions it will take years.

At the same time, corporate brand – “the name, symbol, slogan, motto, style, term idea” – in generally better than the brand of a single unit. Promotion of the organization takes place forces the plurality of organizations and the possibility of exposure to the group of companies clearly higher than in a separate company.

By brand, in the process, it can be attributed to more high-quality service, integrated in the approach to solving the problem. Thus, the association of companies diversified in one segment of the market (in the case of construction of complex services and cyclical services forces the organization was to combine) can provide a number of additional positive benefits. For example, the company does not spend time on the alignment of processes, the search for experts to perform the necessary types of work including, and does not bear the risks associated with it.

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