Description of the problem

Consultant – fairly well-known term in our business. Each company will sooner or later resorted to the use of consultants. This is quite natural and is caused by a variety of objective factors.

The problem lies elsewhere. In order to use any tool, it is desirable to know its characteristics, order of using etc. information. The unnaturally hammerin nails by soft or sharp objects.

In order to maximize effectively use the services of a consultant, especially since they are usually not very cheap, it is desirable to know some general approaches to the selection of consultants for the organization of interaction between them (consultants) and its own experts, and what to do for maximize effectively of using what the consultants have built up in the future.

Despite the general appearance of simplicity of the matter, the organization of interaction with a consultant requires certain experience and relevant knowledge, the level of which determines the effectiveness of using the services of a consultant for your business.

Things to consider when working with a consultant

Regardless of the area where require the services of a consultant, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • Consultants attract not only companies which are in crisis, is not less important to involve experts in order to keep the company at the point of development.
  • Do not evaluate the work of the consultant on the basis of the installation, that the consultant is a specialist, who decided to earn extra money, this is not true as the fact that the consultant is a person having extremely ability to resolve critical situations.
  • The consultant can not guarantee a 100% result of their work. As is always the probability of achieving the target will depend on the forces and means at the disposal of the company in the first place, and in the second the forces and means that the consultant can bring to solving the problem, again at the expense of the company.
  • The final result services of a consultant – is the goal, not the confidence to achieve it. As such, it is important to understand the goal that you want to achieve. And the choice of the consultant and the organization of work with it depends on your goals.
  • Efficient operation with an external consultant is a two-way process, involving the availability of the necessary skills and competencies for both sides.

It’s great when a company has a specialist with experience working with external consultants. Such an understanding increases the effectiveness of interaction with an external consultant and the chances of a successful outcome of the interaction.

The most difficult thing in working with a consultant will be the assessment of the real intellectual potential of the consultant and his ability to solve the problems facing the business. In this case, it is very important not to succumb to the advertising “cover” and the declared “authority”, but remember that there is no guarantee of the result.

About assessing the intellectual potential of an external consultant

It is advisable to remember that the consultant – is the same market participant, ie, choosing a consultant, it is desirable to explore the intellectual potential it holds. Since unfortunately profanation inherent in business in general there is also present.

Moreover, attracting customers, consulting agency (company) of course saying that they had a work with coolest, talented and qualified specialists (or management) and given to a client a set of different kinds of concepts, business strategies, etc., as a rule that is used in a English-language terms. Not all is so and not all of it works.

The names of concepts and business strategies invented in books (and recently not even in books, but unknown by anyone on the Internet) do not give anything useful. Most of the methods and strategies for optimizing a business are thought up for a large business, within the framework of which such optimization will be effective.

To apply strategies within the medium-sized business, it is necessary to bring the strategies into line with adequate reality and a clear understanding of the applicability of a method in real life.

Methods for assessing

Unfortunately, the only real way to protect yourself from the unskilled help of an external consultant is a personal, individual assessment of his intellectual potential. Other methods are less effective and do not guarantee a result.

Important tool that will allow you to effectively use an external consultant and his recommendations within the business is personal experience of interaction and effective cooperation with consultants.

Still, of course, there is the practice of hiring a consultant to work with a consultant…

It is necessary to try to get rid of the complex that work with an external consultant – is a sign of weakness of the company. This is not true. Moreover, to involve external consultants, is the basis of many of today’s business strategies (technology), indicator transparency of the company and in fact, increase its investment attractiveness.

If you have read this article, then you are already somewhere in the 20% ready for the efficient use and useful cooperation with external consultants, and money (payment latest services) will not go down the drain.

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