Consulting, as a form of service, represents a activities of a competent person (a consulting company), directional at improving business efficiency.

The main product of the consulting company – intellectual potential of consultants.

The consumers of consulting services is the business owners, manager (director), top – management, middle management, and in fact any physical persons who set a goal to increase the efficiency of their business activity.

APP-Invest offers its clients a team of consultants and intellectual potential accumulated in the process of realization of investment projects, accompanied by a financial – economic activity of corporate clients, etc., in the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan.

APP-Invest offers its services:

  • management consulting,
  • Financial, tax consulting,
  • investment consulting,
  • risk consulting,
  • Production consulting (energy saving, ecology),
  • consulting in the field of logistics,
  • human resources consulting,
  • legal consulting,
  • consulting in the field of enterprise security.

In relation to the organization of the activities of a specialist (a company providing consulting services), it is aimed at servicing the internal and external business processes of the organization. From the direction of the external consultant depends on the order of organization of relationships.

Serving an external company of internal business processes, assumes the client’s acceptance of a strategic decision to transfer the process to the service (that is, the application of the “outsourcing” strategy), which involves the transfer of confidential information on business activities, the transfer of poorly managed processes to the system with an assessment of the results, etc..

The external business processes of the organization are serviced in the client-executor format and are carried out on a contract basis.

APP-Invest carries out consulting (consultancy) services in the forms of:

  • Process consulting;
  • Expert consulting.

APP-Invest specialistsprovide services taking into account the localization:

  • internal (including normative legal acts and features of conducting financial and economic activity on the territory of Ukraine)
  • International (allowing for the conduct of financial and economic activity between individuals and legal entities in different countries).

Provides consulting (consultancy) services listed in the price – list. For more information about the possibility of the provision of services, you can always contact the experts at the contact information listed on the site.

Consulting is a type of services that help to optimize the business activities of the organization, staff all the activities of its own (staff) specialists who have the necessary qualifications – is very expensive for the company, and in the matter of qualification it is almost impossible. Risks associated with the work of their own personnel are also of significant importance, and therefore it makes sense to seriously consider transferring business processes to the service of a consulting company.

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