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General information

APP-Invest is a company operating in the investment field and registered in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine. The central office of the company is located in the city of Kiev. Full name: Limited Liability Company “Active programs end project – Invest”.

The main activities of the company

  • Engineering services:
    – development, investment planning (including the development of business plans for investment projects), the organization and implementation of investment projects “turnkey” support the implementation of investment projects and the provision of services in the form of implementation of individual orders, consultations, legal support;
    – development of recommendations on optimization of business (business process) in order to improve the results of financial – economic activity of the subjects of financial – economic activity.
  • Investment and management consulting.
  • Management of construction-investment projects.
  • Juridical services, legal assistance in matters of legal relationship businesses and individuals, residents, non-residents arising in the process of financial – economic activity, civil and administrative legal relations, criminal – proceedings (including lawyer’s support in the judicial process) and the other on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary.

Clients of the company are individuals and legal entities, including those temporarily residing in Ukraine. More information about APP-Invest services you can find in other sections of the site.

Principles Š¾rganization of relations

Practice support financial – economic activity and the experience of participation in investment projects shows that in order to achieve the stated objectives of the clients and achieve maximum results, need a good planning and professional approach. To this end, APP-Invest in working with clients, offers the following principles of the organization the relationship:

  1. A clear definition of objectives and tasks faced by the client;
  2. The maximum possible event planning to achieve the goals, taking into account emerging risks.
  3. Attracting professionals to the process of implementation the planned actions.
  4. Focus on results.

The international cooperation

APP-Invest is actively working to attract investment and foreign enterprises to mutually work on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the establishment of joint projects with participation of Ukrainian enterprises and organizations to work abroad. At the moment APP-Invest cooperates with organizations, banks, investment funds, entrepreneurs and individuals – residents of the Republic of Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Community projects

APP-Invest is actively involved in the implementation of public projects and programs related to the protection of animal rights, anti-corruption, protection of individuals and legal entities from raiding etc..

You can get acquainted with our programs at the links:

Experience in implementing and participating APP-Invest experts in various investment projects and programs, is the key to get the result and to achieve the stated objectives of the client. We are sure that you will get the desired results and our experience and experts will help you save your time and money! Please contact us for service!

About the site of APP-Invest

This site and the materials placed on it, are the property of APP-Invest. Maintenance work, editing, placement and maintenance of information on the site is carried out the information department of the organization (contact telephone tech support are listed on the page).

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