Business planning, services for the development of an individual business plan for an investment project or program

APP-Invest offers services related to the development of business plans, financial models, investment justifications, teasers and other investment documentation.

The company’s specialists will help develop an organizational plan for the implementation of the investment project, assess most of the risks that arise during the implementation of the project and are directly related to the project regarding which the business plan is developed, prepare a clear description of the goals and objectives of the investment project, evaluate its perspective and payback period.

Detailed description by reference: services for the development of an individual business plan for an investment project or program.

Individual business plan development packages:
from 300 USDfrom 1000 USDfrom 2500 USD
from 10 working daysfrom 15 working daysfrom 20 working days
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Individual business plan development packages:
from 300 USD
from 10 working days
More details
from 1000 USD
from 15 working days
More details
from 2500 USD
from 20 working days
More details

Many years of experience of APP-Invest specialists allow us to model investment projects of any volume and complexity, depending on the goals and objectives that the company’s client sets for itself. The investment feasibility study developed by us will help to solve the problems associated with obtaining investments and evaluating the investment attractiveness of the project. Organizational plans of the project will easily help to implement the investment project.

Business planning, services for the development of a financial model of an investment idea, project, program

When developing a business plan, its scope, content and structure are modeled for the goals and objectives for which it is being developed. Adapting a business plan, will increase its effectiveness as a tool.

As a specific adaptation of the business plan to the initial stage of the pre-investment phase, APP-Invest specialists suggest using the form of the so-called financial model of the project, which is a short business plan with a basic bias on the description of the economic part of the investment project.

The financial model of an investment project is an effective investment planning tool, as well as a convenient document for negotiating with an investor. The investment rationale in the form of a financial model allows the Customer, investor, lender, in short form, to obtain most of the necessary information about the investment project and the appropriateness of its implementation as a whole.

APP-Invest, as part of the investment area, offers services for the development of business plans for investment projects of various sizes and complexity.

Description of the services for developing a financial model for an investment idea, project, program, read the link: development of a financial model for an investment project.

Business planning, services for the development of a standard business plan for an investment project

The need for a business plan arises at different stages of the implementation of an investment project. The description of the investment project developed as part of the business plan is multifunctional and may be useful for different participants – parties to the investment project for many reasons, at different stages of the project.

The classic functions that a business plan performs include: risk assessment; financial assessment; assessment of expected indicators from the project and others. Many people forget that in addition to the above functions, a business plan may contain sections related to the engineering of an investment project, organizational and resuscitation plans, plans to minimize risks and damage from negative events that may occur during the course of the project, plans for organizing security, implementation options project, including reorientation of the investment project in the event of a change in market conditions and other sections.

That is, a business plan should not be considered solely as a tool for negotiating with an investor and convincing him of the advisability and necessity of investing financial resources in a project. A business plan may contain information and instructions necessary for the survival of the project in the process of its implementation, models and ready-made plans to increase effective project performance, and project development options.

The experience of APP-Invest specialists allows us to develop a business plan containing general sections justifying the need and feasibility of investment in the project, as well as options for the development of the investment project.

A description of the services for developing a business plan in standard form can be found at: services for developing a standard business plan.

Business planning, investment feasibility study services for an idea, project, program

An investment rationale is being developed to assess the prospects for the implementation of an investment project. In the variant proposed by APP-Invest, the investment justification is a carefully developed document within the framework of which most aspects related to the implementation of the investment project are evaluated.

Functionally, such a document is prepared directly for making the final decision regarding the advisability of investing in the project and mainly in the late stages of negotiations with the investor, creditor. The investment rationale can also be used for a comprehensive examination of an existing investment project or program.

Services of APP-Invest in developing a business plan in the form of an investment justification, in the description by reference: development of an investment justification for an investment idea, project, program.

The investment rationale includes most of the possible existing sections studied in business modeling. Including APP-Invest specialists, an engineering part is envisaged which includes a description of measures to increase the efficiency of an investment project, ways of its development, as well as possible alternative implementation options.

The rather important advantages of the investment rationale are a detailed study of the risks and the organizational plan of the project, including methods, organizational methods and measures to avoid them or minimize the negative consequences if they occur.

A brief description of the main provisions related to citizenship in Ukraine

Within the framework of legal support, APP-Invest specialists carry out activities to accompany individuals of foreigners (not residents) in matters related to obtaining citizenship, a temporary residence permit, etc. identifying documents.

Issues related to obtaining non-resident citizenship are usually associated with various kinds of procedural problems and shortcomings in the local National Legislation, which turns them into a long epic, or you can even say “a matter of life” for a person who wants to become a citizen. Many laws are spelled out in such a way as to complicate the possibility of acquiring citizenship… In other matters, this is a matter of politics.

To understand the general process of obtaining citizenship and the possibility of obtaining it, APP-Invest invites you to familiarize yourself with the prepared information materials on our website: main issues related to obtaining citizenship in Ukraine.

Taking into account the complexity of the procedures for obtaining citizenship, this article describes several fundamental principles related to citizenship in Ukraine, and therefore the information may be useful to those who are involved in the preparation of such documents or who wish to seek help with registration.

Basic information about APP-Invest

APP-Invest is a professional investment consulting company. The main activities of the company are: management of construction investment projects; engineering; consulting; legal services.

Basic information related to APP-Invest can be found on the site page: information about APP-Invest.

The company specializes in comprehensive support and management of investment projects. To effectively support investment projects, the company operates in several key areas listed above.

APP-Invest’s lines of business ensure the proper implementation of the investment project, which will fully meet the criteria of the Customer. An important advantage of the company is the experience of specialists in the field of consulting and law, which allows you to effectively identify the majority of investment risks arising in the implementation process, at the initial stages, or even before they appear within the project, which will minimize negative consequences from their onset.

Design, as an important element project

Designing is an important and complex part of a construction project that significantly affects its cost. Well-designed project documentation, this is the key to the success of the project as a whole.

When designing cottages, not always give due place to the development of the layout of the room. As a result, the Customer remains dissatisfied with the result of the work or becomes dissatisfied with it in the process of operating the premises in the future.

Disposition of the premises should be developed in the context of the future use of space for its intended purpose, taking into account the location of the indoor home appliances, furniture and interior design. Such an arrangement is important already at the design stage, since it significantly affects the location of communications in the house.

Article about this topic, you can read on the site page: design as an important element of project development.

Fraud in construction

The building market of Ukraine is quite diverse, it presents small and large construction and investment companies creating new infrastructure and housing facilities.

Many people are confronted with construction companies are dissatisfied with cooperation or even become victims as a result of illegal actions. The most well-known victims are the so-called “deceived investors” who have lost their financial assets forever, due to investing in unscrupulous developers. The number of defrauded depositors is constantly increasing.

The construction market itself, in addition to large scammers, is saturated with various scams, which in various ways deceive the participants of the construction market, getting profit from this.

As a result, the word “builder” is increasingly associated with “loss”. Some questions related to this topic are described in the link: fraud in the construction industry.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Customers of the company, asking for advice or advice to APP-Invest specialists, set the set various issues on the legal topic, the topic of investment and business management.

Some of the frequently asked questions will be posted on the /en/faq, which will allow visitors to the site to receive a meaningful answer to the question in the appropriate category (project management, investments, legal issues, business, etc.).

On the specified page you will find the answers to your questions you need in the form of a “question-answer”. Such a presentation will help you quickly and efficiently find the information you need.

Whether credit needed for investment project

Many construction and investment companies at different stages of their business development face the issue of obtaining a loan for the implementation of a construction investment project.

A loan for an investment project is, on the one hand, an advantage, and on the other hand, if you do not correctly calculate your own strength, then it can become a disadvantage and make the project unprofitable. The very small cost of a loan can significantly tell on the economy and the profitability of the project making it unprofitable. Especially if there is a bad organization in the implementation of the project, and the borrower will continually fall under financial sanctions.

The correct application of credit in a construction project will allow achieving some positive goals for the Project Owner. For example, to ensure the financial stability of the project and ensure a systematic progressive implementation of the investment project.

A description of some issues related to this topic under the link: need for a loan for an investment project.