Business plan

Business plan is a ponder set of activities to achieve a business goal. The business plan can be presented in the form of a document or be conditional – theoretical.

The composition and content of the business plan can not be standard, it is unique for each individual case and varies depending on the task set by the Customer for its development. The minimum amount of a business plan for commercial projects include:

  • description of business ideas and activities to achieve it;
  • economic indicators of costs and planned profits.

An extended business plan may include sections with:

  • description of goals and objectives;
  • description of project economics;
  • description of the market sector, market conditions in general, the competitive environment and trends in their development;
  • riskography with an assessment of risks and plans to minimize them, including conditions for exit from the business
  • organizational plan that includes all stages of project implementation (ideas) and project resource planning, including: project management plan; financial and organizational plan; the plan for the organization of labor resources; a plan that includes the procedure for resolving legal problems (registration of legal entities, obtaining licenses, etc.);
  • project documentation, including technical and technological plans;
  • marketing plan and strategic positioning plan;
  • description of the project development prospects;
  • existing permitting documentation;
  • description of the Customer, the Contractor and their capabilities.

The aim of developing a business plan defines the Customer, it can be as evaluation of business ideas for their own use and rationale for investment.