A brief description of the main provisions related to citizenship in Ukraine

Within the framework of legal support, APP-Invest specialists carry out activities to accompany individuals of foreigners (not residents) in matters related to obtaining citizenship, a temporary residence permit, etc. identifying documents.

Issues related to obtaining non-resident citizenship are usually associated with various kinds of procedural problems and shortcomings in the local National Legislation, which turns them into a long epic, or you can even say “a matter of life” for a person who wants to become a citizen. Many laws are spelled out in such a way as to complicate the possibility of acquiring citizenship… In other matters, this is a matter of politics.

To understand the general process of obtaining citizenship and the possibility of obtaining it, APP-Invest invites you to familiarize yourself with the prepared information materials on our website: main issues related to obtaining citizenship in Ukraine.

Taking into account the complexity of the procedures for obtaining citizenship, this article describes several fundamental principles related to citizenship in Ukraine, and therefore the information may be useful to those who are involved in the preparation of such documents or who wish to seek help with registration.

Design, as an important element project

Designing is an important and complex part of a construction project that significantly affects its cost. Well-designed project documentation, this is the key to the success of the project as a whole.

When designing cottages, not always give due place to the development of the layout of the room. As a result, the Customer remains dissatisfied with the result of the work or becomes dissatisfied with it in the process of operating the premises in the future.

Disposition of the premises should be developed in the context of the future use of space for its intended purpose, taking into account the location of the indoor home appliances, furniture and interior design. Such an arrangement is important already at the design stage, since it significantly affects the location of communications in the house.

Article about this topic, you can read on the site page: design as an important element of project development.

Fraud in construction

The building market of Ukraine is quite diverse, it presents small and large construction and investment companies creating new infrastructure and housing facilities.

Many people are confronted with construction companies are dissatisfied with cooperation or even become victims as a result of illegal actions. The most well-known victims are the so-called “deceived investors” who have lost their financial assets forever, due to investing in unscrupulous developers. The number of defrauded depositors is constantly increasing.

The construction market itself, in addition to large scammers, is saturated with various scams, which in various ways deceive the participants of the construction market, getting profit from this.

As a result, the word “builder” is increasingly associated with “loss”. Some questions related to this topic are described in the link: fraud in the construction industry.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Customers of the company, asking for advice or advice to APP-Invest specialists, set the set various issues on the legal topic, the topic of investment and business management.

Some of the frequently asked questions will be posted on the /en/faq, which will allow visitors to the site to receive a meaningful answer to the question in the appropriate category (project management, investments, legal issues, business, etc.).

On the specified page you will find the answers to your questions you need in the form of a “question-answer”. Such a presentation will help you quickly and efficiently find the information you need.

Whether credit needed for investment project

Many construction and investment companies at different stages of their business development face the issue of obtaining a loan for the implementation of a construction investment project.

A loan for an investment project is, on the one hand, an advantage, and on the other hand, if you do not correctly calculate your own strength, then it can become a disadvantage and make the project unprofitable. The very small cost of a loan can significantly tell on the economy and the profitability of the project making it unprofitable. Especially if there is a bad organization in the implementation of the project, and the borrower will continually fall under financial sanctions.

The correct application of credit in a construction project will allow achieving some positive goals for the Project Owner. For example, to ensure the financial stability of the project and ensure a systematic progressive implementation of the investment project.

A description of some issues related to this topic under the link: need for a loan for an investment project.

Contents of the business plan

The business plan consists of various sections. The composition and content of the business plan largely depends on the task that the client puts the business plan for its development.

With an example of the content of the business plan, You can read on the link: content of the business plan of the investment project.

As a business plan developer, you should involve a company that, apart from experience in developing business plans, has practical experience related to the implementation of investment projects. Practical experience will help to focus the Customer’s attention on the main issues related to the project implementation. Especially, it is relevant if the business plan is developed as a practical guide for implementing an investment project or for assessing project risks.

A well-designed and thought-out business plan will allow you to avoid financial losses and successfully implement the project.

Transfer of processes to external company servicing

Under the strategy of outsourcing, involve the transfer of internal processes of the company, to service an external company, on the basis of a contract. Transferring the process to service affects the organization of the work of the enterprise.

The contract presupposes a clear and consistent fulfillment of its obligations by the parties. At the same time, non-fulfillment of the contract, sometimes implies for the customer consequences that go beyond the scope of the contract.

For example, if the company transferred external company for the maintenance of business process associated with the formation and submission of tax reports, the Contractor’s failure to perform the contract will have consequences for the Customer in the form of penalties charged by local tax authorities. At the same time, if the specified problem occurs through the fault of the Contractor (an external service company), then he actually pays financial sanctions. But if the Contractor was unable to fulfill his obligations in the consequence of the actions of the Customer, then responsibility can lie on him.

The consequence of this situation is the change in the principal approach of the Customer to the process as a whole. The customer becomes more executive and disciplined in terms of the formation of primary documentation, its content, etc..

For consultations on business maintenance, you can contact the company’s specialists on site contact information. Also, you can familiarize with the specified service under the link: business process outsourcing (transferring the process to an external company).

Concerning the development of a business plan

There are different ways and opportunities for business development. At different stages of business development, business is almost inevitably faced with the creation of new products or values. The creation of a new product or value constitutes a significant organizational problem, especially if the creation of a new product is not part of the system work (that is, the typical state of the business in which new products are constantly created).

For such cases, it may be necessary to consider the option of developing a business plan. Qualitatively worked business plan, will contain a description of exactly those sections that will solve the main problems arising before the business.

Under the link: development of an individual business plan You can get acquainted with some questions concerning the development of business plans.

Thanks to the business plan, you can solve a number of organizational problems, avoid losses and also the risk associated with the failure of the project as a whole. The development of a business plan is much cheaper than the cost of a loss-making project.

Risk assessment using a business plan

Evaluation of risks that may arise during the implementation of an investment project is a very important part for a successful project. It is obvious that the more and more qualitative at the beginning of the project risks will be studied and the ways for their avoidance or minimization of their consequences will be detailed, the more likely the project will be successfully completed.

There are different ways and methods of risk analysis of the project. Some of them can be found at link: regarding project and business risk assessment using a business plan.

Investigating the risks of an investment project is a necessary and integral part of the business plan. In some investment projects, the description of risks can take up most of the business plan. Many of the described risks will not happen. But if one of the risks works, then a well-developed business plan will help not to get lost and take operational actions and reduce their consequences or even reduce them to zero.

Thus, it can be generalized that the task of risk assessment is their analysis (identification), and the development of methods and methods to avoid them or reduce their negative consequences to zero.

Glossary of terms and abbreviations APP-Invest

Glossary APP-Invest is a collection of highly specialized terms in the interpretation of APP-Invest specialists. The glossary helps APP-Invset customers familiarize themselves with some of the highly specialized terms used in company articles, service descriptions, and other materials.

In a general sense, a glossary is a collection (dictionary) of terms. Basically, the glossary is used to describe highly specialized terms related to a specific type of activity or topic. Translated from Latin, the glossary means “collection of glosses”.

A glossary as a tool is often used in the business activities of various companies. The use of the glossary allows you to create a common understanding of the terms used among the staff of the company and with the company’s customers. A common understanding and perception of terms, significantly improves the function of communication.

Glossary avoids different interpretations of the same term. The client, having familiarized himself with the contents of the glossary (its terms and abbreviations), can understand what the specialists of the company mean by this or that term and constructively build a dialogue.

The number of terms is not limited. Their description may differ from the official one or may have specific features inherent in a particular enterprise or type of activity.

APP-Invest uses glossaries that are different in content, which vary depending on the specifics of a particular type of activity. Specification of terminology is used in the preparation of business plans, legal documentation, proposals, etc.