Description Society liquidation procedure, a limited liability company (LLC )

Liquidation LLC is a procedure for phasing out the activities of a legal entity. Necessity liquidation of the organization may be due to various reasons: bankruptcy; initiative to tax authorities; the decision of the owner or owners.

There are several different procedures for liquidation of LLC, which are available on: liquidation procedure of a limited liability company.

Also in the article there is a brief description of the liquidation procedure on a voluntary basis by the general procedure.

Changes in the statutory documents of the company

A short description of the changes that are subject to state registration in the manner prescribed by law. The procedure for making changes in statutory documents in connection with the change of the enterprise data or activities (location of participants, types of economic activity, the order of profit distribution, the convening of the meeting or voting participants, reorganization, etc.). APP-Invest offers you to get acquainted with this information, the link: amending the charter of a legal entity.

Change of the Charter of the enterprise, is almost the most frequently carried out by the action of legal persons with respect to the company.

Short description of the most common organizational – legal forms of economic activities

Law of Ukraine established forms of entrepreneurial and economic activities. Subjects of economic (business and economic) activity, depending on the goals and objectives for obtaining legitimate profits must register (to conduct state registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur), in one of the established forms by the law. The choice of form is carried out by the subject.

APP-Invest offers you to get acquainted with the most popular (widespread) legal forms of economic activity, by the link: organizational and legal forms of doing business and business.

Organizational – legal form of business organization, affects the management of the enterprise, the procedure of enterprise management; quantity, composition and content of statutory documents, requirements for financial and tax reporting enterprises; responsibility of the participants, top management etc..

Advantages and disadvantages of registration of individual entrepreneur IPA, PPB as well as taxation systems

IPA PPB is one of the gaining popularity form carrying out entrepreneurial activities. Implementation of activities as an entrepreneur allows you to pay minimum taxes and show incomes.

The success of your business as an individual entrepreneur depends on the initially selected – the correct strategy of the organization of its activities, including the tax system. Description of the advantages and disadvantages of IPA, PPB can be found at the link: advantages and disadvantages of registering an entrepreneur.

The article will help to take into account several important factors, at the stage of registration. At the same time described procedure and order of registration of IPA, PPB, which is generally fairly simple and can be done without specialized legal assistance.

Description of the order and procedures for changing the CKEA codes of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The legal and physical entities entrepreneurs carry out their activities within the framework of the law. Among other requirements, the activities (services, works, etc.) are classified according to individual types, and they are assigned the codes. Activities are recorded in the Classification of Economic Activities (CKEA, or in abbreviated form).

Any legal entity in the statutes is required to identify those activities which it actually carries out. An individual entrepreneur shall notify the service EDRPOU about activities which it carries out and the data are entered in EDRPOU. In the case of non-compliance activities or their absence, the entrepreneur or legal entity can be a problem, in the form of penalties, failure to issue licenses, permits, etc..

Description of the general procedure CKEA shift for legal entities (for example, LLC.) and individual entrepreneurs (SAP) can be found at the link: change of the main activities of the organization. The article also told other interesting questions.

Description procedure change company director (the organization of the corporate form of ownership: LLC, JSC, CJSC etc.)

Changing the head of the company is one of the most common types of registration acts associated with changes in the USREOU. Appointment of a new director and the dismissal of the old intersects with a number of normative – legal acts that regulate the activities of legal entities, and at the same time are enough conflict-generator procedure (action).

Virtually every company one or several times spent above procedure. For organizations which are just planning such changes, it will be useful information by link: change of head of organization of corporate ownership. Apart the general registration procedure, you will find a description and some of the problems arising from the change of the company’s director.

Description of the procedure and some of the issues connected with registration change of the legal address of the organization (legal entity)

Many organizations are faced with the problem of registration of changes on the enterprise in connection with the change of legal address. For the experienced businessmen who know the registration procedure, such a change is not difficult. At the same time, and the change of juridical address within the district.

Problem make a change of juridical address if presence a conflict of the enterprise owners as well as a change of address for the foreign companies, in which you must take into account the peculiarities of the local legislation.

This article will help the reader who is going to register a change juridical address. Read the article is possible by link: change of legal address of the organization. In addition to the general procedure of registration and you will find a description of some of the problems arising from the change of address.

Brief description of the problems arising at the start in business for entrepreneurs – beginners

Every entrepreneur starting his business activities, he wants it or not, faces a number of legal problems concerning the legal organization, taxation, etc .. At the same time solution to these problems requires practical experience and knowledge on the conduct of financial – economic activity, which the entrepreneur just has begun activity can not to be.

To solve this problem, need qualified assistance business – consultant and law firm.

Short description of the problems that can confront a an entrepreneur read on: change of legal address of the organization page. The said article describes the main problems, the answer to that, the entrepreneur must get for himself, before the beginning enterprise registration or FLP.