preparation for the design of the construction project

What initial data are needed for the construction project?

Development of project documentation for the project is an important stage in the implementation of the entire investment project. For the qualitative preparation of the project documentation, it is necessary to collect a sufficient amount of pre-project documentation, including the necessary legal documents, concepts, drawings, etc., for the development of the project.

Description of the main sections and the approximate content of pre-project documentation can be found in the article /en/isxodnue_dannue_dlia_proekta. This article will help you evaluate the scope of actions that need to be performed for the qualitative preparation of documentation for project development.

term management and features of its development in the business environment

Development of project management in Ukraine in example of understanding the term “project”

The development of project management is a natural process of business development. Companies that master modern methods of doing business are more successful and economically sustainable in relation to competitors.

The tendency to develop an understanding of project management by business representatives is described in the article /en/razvitie_ypravlenia_proekt.

Project management is one of the most developing areas in the field of “management”. With these and other materials, you can find on the website of our company.

business processes of a construction investment project

What happens at the wrong management of the project in pictures

Project management is a system work requires a high level of skills and competence of the specialist who performs it. Level quality of management influences the outcome of the project. Mistakes allow professionals at every level, which is an integral part of the management process.

Visualization in the pictures, the result of mismanagement of individual management processes, you can find a link on /processu. This view helps visualize the outcome that awaits the manager in the case of ignoring or incorrect process control.