Description of several myths and prejudices concerning legal issues related to outdoor advertising

We suggest that you read an interesting article on outdoor advertising. The article is based on the problems experienced by our company specialists in the practice related to the design of outdoor advertising and the illegal actions of state authorities and local self-government.

Problems arising in the legal sphere are indicated in the form of myths, to simplify the presentation of materials in the article. Myths in this article are some kind of settled opinions about some facts about the design of outdoor advertising and false ideas about its design.

After reading the article on this link /en/mifu_o_naryjnoi_reklame, you will be able to reconsider approaches to outdoor advertising and avoid losses in connection with the incorrect interpretation of the Law of Ukraine on advertising and other acts.

Short description development of the the concept of outdoor advertising in Kiev city

The concept dates back to 2012, according to the decision of the KSCA number: 20/7357 by 26.01.12g.. “On approval of the concept development of the outdoor advertising in the city of Kiev.” The same decision was approved:
* zoning placement of outdoor advertising in the city;
* classifier standard advertising media (advertisements).

Short description of the concept of information and some comments regarding the implementation of the concept in the city of Kiev, the link /en/narygnaya-reklama/.