Transfer of processes to external company servicing

Under the strategy of outsourcing, involve the transfer of internal processes of the company, to service an external company, on the basis of a contract. Transferring the process to service affects the organization of the work of the enterprise.

The contract presupposes a clear and consistent fulfillment of its obligations by the parties. At the same time, non-fulfillment of the contract, sometimes implies for the customer consequences that go beyond the scope of the contract.

For example, if the company transferred external company for the maintenance of business process associated with the formation and submission of tax reports, the Contractor’s failure to perform the contract will have consequences for the Customer in the form of penalties charged by local tax authorities. At the same time, if the specified problem occurs through the fault of the Contractor (an external service company), then he actually pays financial sanctions. But if the Contractor was unable to fulfill his obligations in the consequence of the actions of the Customer, then responsibility can lie on him.

The consequence of this situation is the change in the principal approach of the Customer to the process as a whole. The customer becomes more executive and disciplined in terms of the formation of primary documentation, its content, etc..

For consultations on business maintenance, you can contact the company’s specialists on site contact information. Also, you can familiarize with the specified service under the link /en/autsorsing/.

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